Tooth pain after vaccine

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QueenVikki Wed 26-May-21 23:50:09

Is this linked at all? I had the Pfizer vaccine 2 weeks ago and for about 10 days I have had tooth pain. It is across all my teeth, upper and lower and not agonising but worse at night. Just wondered if this was linked to the vaccine or is it a coincidence.

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GetItDone101 Mon 31-May-21 16:01:21

Bumping this thread as had first Pfizer yesterday and when brushing my teeth last night noticed one sensitive tooth which has never been sensitive before.

Anyone else?

Qwaffee Mon 31-May-21 17:01:24

Very odd but I too, approximately 10 days after 2nd Pfizer, I woke up with raging toothache. The dentist couldn’t find anything wrong and said I was his 3rd emergency that morning with toothache and no conclusion. He thought it was very strange. It aches sporadically now but is better. Very odd!

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Mon 31-May-21 17:10:08

I had it briefly with Astra Zeneca. Put it on the yellow card report. It’s strange.

Shehasadiamondinthesky Mon 31-May-21 17:16:09

I've noticed this too - weird.

Taciturn Mon 31-May-21 17:23:43

Unidentified tooth pain is a symptom of heart problems in women so might be related, yes.

gymnasticrobotics Mon 31-May-21 22:54:23

I had that too with AZ! Strangely as pp has mentioned it started almost a week after the vaccination. Very bad toothache all over for days. It got better eventually and I reported it but do not know anyone who experienced the same.


Gettingonabitnow Sun 13-Jun-21 07:06:55

Omg this is me! Very sore gums and one tooth painful. I had Pfizer x

knittingaddict Sun 13-Jun-21 14:54:39

Could also be teeth grinding due to anxiety. There are going to be lots of people suffering from ailments after vaccination that might or might not be related. The numbers involved make this inevitable and people are going to be hyper alert.

I only noticed my teeth clenching once the dentist diagnosed it.

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