Off for the first jab on Saturday

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NoMoreLimbo Thu 15-Apr-21 18:32:56

Well pretty much that..... am finding myself full of mixed feelings.
On one hand a massive relief and emotional that it is finally happening.
On the other hand anxiety through the roof as I cannot help being affected by all the press of AZ (which I suspect is what I will be given and yes I know all medicines have side effects and yes I do not know what I will get) and it has hugely triggered me and old deep rooted fears and I am scared something bad will happen. Still I will go but I know I will mark the days in the calendar until I have passed the count of days that is the 'known window' for blood clots.
I know this type of post has been written many many times before.... I am just scared.

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Mackers17 Thu 15-Apr-21 18:57:38

Hi nomorelimbo

I am having mine next week and feel much the same as you. I spent the first two months of the year so excited about getting the vaccine and obsessing over when 'my turn' would be and now I kind of feel a bit flat and worried. I know the chances are low/all medicines have side effects etc, and I will 100% get it and be glad, but I can't help crossing my fingers that I'll be offered one of the others on the day, and I'll also be counting down the days afterwards (and probably obsessing about every 'symptom'). Basically, I am no help to you, other than letting you know you are not alone in your concerns flowers

sleepwouldbenice Thu 15-Apr-21 19:12:02

Please don't worry. I was literally begging for mine last week as from surplus stock
Not only are your risks really v small, if you report relevant symptoms if you do get them then chances of successful treatment are high apparently
Hope this helps allay fears

purplewolfie Thu 15-Apr-21 19:15:26

I'm having mine tomorrow and I'm feeling a bit better about it today - it now feels a bit exciting and hopeful. I'll still symptom watch for 3 weeks! I know exactly what you mean about the shine coming off having the jab - but I guess I would have felt worse if the news had come out after I'd had it?
I'm just doing my best to listen to my rational head and acknowledge- but politely ignore- the anxious patter in the background.

mrsknottschicken Thu 15-Apr-21 19:25:43

Your feelings are entirely understandable and I can empathise completely. I had AZ yesterday and had a text conversation with a friend last night (who also had AZ). She was very reassuring and basically said “we’ll be ok”. So I hope you take that to heart and can also feel like you can check in on this thread if you want to, because you’ll always find people going through similar. Can’t pretend I won’t relax until 3 weeks are up, but you’re definitely not alone and please remember that the chances of having a blood clot are so tiny anyway. Good luck!

NoMoreLimbo Thu 15-Apr-21 19:40:46

Thanks all! @Mackers17 oh I too was often going back to the calculator to try and work out when it would be my turn.
I am not normally a hypocondriac (sp?) but suspect I will analyse each and every twitch and pain over the next few weeks. Trust me I am normally rather sane and switched on.
It doesn't help that I completely buggered up my booking so now I have to drive an hour each way to get to the jab center on Saturday! Doh! Serves me. I was looking forward to a chilled out weekend watching films with the DCs but now I don't know if I dare even have a glass of wine.
@mrsknottschicken I hope you and your friend are both feeling okay today.
@purplewolfie good luck tomorrow!
@sleepwouldbenice I had heard that the treatment can be I try and think of that. But (and it is a big one) I think all this anxiety is also part of the fact that my DM passed away 1.5 years ago from a blood clot to her stomach that was discovered too late.

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Rainbowsandstorms Thu 15-Apr-21 22:45:59

Good luck I hope it goes well. Try and drink lots of water before and after and a good night’s sleep beforehand is meant to help to boost your immune response. I completely sympathise, I was also really excited about getting mine but was so nervous when the time came. Mine was unfortunately timed as all the second wave of news about the AZ broke two days after I’d had my jab so it’s felt like a long and anxious wait but I’ve finally hit day 20 today. I have over analysed every twinge and to be honest I still am but I came to the conclusion that’s it’s safer to have had it at a point where we have a clear idea of the warning signs of an issue, than it was before this was discovered, as early detection is key. Remember clots are rare but we have a clear idea of the symptoms so make a note of the symptoms you need to keep an eye out for and then try and step away from google, the media and the covid topics on Mumsnet too and focus on the immunity and protection you’ll have in three weeks time. Good luck for Saturday.

Rainbowsandstorms Thu 15-Apr-21 22:46:49

I’m sorry about your mum too that must make all of this feel especially close to home.

NoMoreLimbo Fri 16-Apr-21 07:18:10

@Rainbowsandstorms Thank you. You are so right that it will be best to stay away from media etc. All the doom scrolling I’ve been doing since the start of all of this hmm
You must be so relieved to be at day 20!

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Cornettoninja Fri 16-Apr-21 08:54:06

It would be amazing if you hadn’t been affected by all.

News of the clots was breaking just as my DP and DF were due to have their AZ jabs. I was worried about it all and then the weekend before we had to test dd for symptoms and I was so concerned it would mean that (CV) forty something DP would either be exposed to covid or miss his slot if we didn’t get a result quickly that I realised quite quickly what the risk/benefit was for us.

It’s a tough one when the concern has hold of you and you can’t rationalise with yourself, but if it was this or nothing what would you pick?

Kittyhelp Fri 16-Apr-21 09:59:24

I was just coming on to post the same! I have my first next week and am dreading it. I had a very bad reaction to the swine flu vaccine (I've been left with Raynaud's 11 years later) so this vaccine is scaring me massively. Also doesn't help that I have multiple allergies that almost resulted in me needing an EpiPen years ago, didn't get that far thankfully, but I now take antihistamines daily. We all had covid in the first wave and for me it was very mild, DH was hospitalised, so I decided not to have the vaccine. After lots of nagging, from my Dad mainly, I've booked it and will go through with it. But I'm expecting sleepless nights for the next week or so!

Mackers17 Fri 16-Apr-21 10:44:12

Oh @NoMoreLimbo i am sorry to hear about your mum. No wonder it makes you more anxious. Ahh, that's a pain about the distance you have to travel too, but once you're back you can settle down with the DCs and watch a film, knowing its done out of the way.

@sleepwouldbenice that's quite a reassuring thought, thank you. I suppose that in the worst case scenario, everyone knows what they should be looking for now.

@purplewolfie good luck today! Glad you are feeling positive about it. I am also trying to listen to my rational head today. I have my usual horrific af headaches and I am thankful that they are happening the week before I am due the jab and not after I've had it so I don't read anything silly into them!

LacyEdge Fri 16-Apr-21 11:18:42

Sorry to hear about your mum OP flowers As a PP said, they’re now really on the ball about the (still very rare) side effect and are primed to treat any they find. Understandable that you feel wobbly about it at times though. It’ll be done and dusted before you know it.

sleepwouldbenice Fri 16-Apr-21 11:52:39

Hello again
I appreciate your fears given medical concerns but please don't let this overwhelm you.
Discuss concerns with medical support
It's time to enjoy life again
I am not a party animal believe me and I do believe in taking it slow. But the sun is shining, daylight hours are longer, we can chat to friends outside. Vaccines are a big part of moving forward, although not perfect. See it as your way of protecting yourself and others and having the start of a life back
They seriously are scientific miracles.

Rainbowsandstorms Fri 16-Apr-21 12:32:21

@NoMoreLimbo doom scrolling is just the worst! I’m terrible for it. Definitely try and step away from it all and focus on why you’ve decided to have the vaccination. Best of luck for tomorrow.

purplewolfie Fri 16-Apr-21 13:58:44

Thanks everybody. I'm drawing a lot of comfort from this thread!
I'm actually feeling quite excited at the moment (my appointment's early this evening). Hopefully you will all get some similar positive vibes too when it's your turn smile

WednesburyPrinciple Fri 16-Apr-21 14:13:38

I’ve got mine tomorrow morning and feeling much the same. I will definitely be getting AZ as having it in Boots. Am 47. Will report back!

lunar1 Fri 16-Apr-21 14:24:23

I volunteer in a Centre and honestly, most people are feeling the same. Never in our lifetimes has the entire population had to be given the same medication all at the same time. It's unnerving when such big numbers are involved.

Individually we take all sorts of bigger risks without a second thought on a regular basis. We just don't overanalyse them.

The media is stirring up a frenzy Over every morsel of information. Get your vaccine and then try to forget it, I was nervous and I've literally been there and seen thousands of people walk out the door after their vaccines with no problem.

Itwasgoodwhileitlasted Fri 16-Apr-21 14:27:49

I had mine 2 days ago. Judging by everyone's faces at the vaccine centre we are all feeling the same!

BSJohnson Fri 16-Apr-21 14:42:17

Just had mine (AZ).

What are blood clot symptoms to look out for?

I'm presuming achy arm, bit of a headache, tired are normal - vaccinator said to expect them?

NoMoreLimbo Fri 16-Apr-21 15:57:30

Thanks so much all. I too am finding a lot of comfort from this thread

@Cornettoninja If it was this or nothing, as in the jab or nothing, then definitely I would pick the jab. I am set on going and will do it, but sweet lord I wish my anxious internal chatter would stop.

@lunar1 you are so right in what you are saying about us taking bigger risks but not thinking about it

@Rainbowsandstorms So sorry to hear you are still suffering from the swine flu jab. My dad, and three of his friends all are too. Some weird rheumatoid fever attacking the muscles. AND my cousins son has narcolepsy!

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ifonly4 Fri 16-Apr-21 16:06:09

OP, I've had my first and second vaccines, AZ. The first one, I was excited and found a fantastic sense of relief.

Had my second one earlier this week, obviously I'm aware of the press reports regarding AZ and blood clots. This time around, I still found myself really wanting the second dose and a few days later I'm so pleased I've had it. I know a fair few who've had covid, most very ill with it, so I don't want covid. It's a case of weighing up the risks, if you aren't vaccinated at some point you're much more likely to get it as others start to live their lives and relax more.

Hope having the vaccine will help you feel the same.

Doireallyneedaname Sat 17-Apr-21 06:42:48

I was absolutely terrified. I had to take myself to a quiet park and sit down with my thoughts right before my appointment. I suspected I’d be given Pfizer, and I was.

Five minutes in to my 15 observation wait, whilst in the room with many others, out of the blue my heart started to race. “This is it, I’m going to drop dead” was my first thought. I bolted outside and did some breathing exercises and quickly realised it wasn’t death I was about to meet, but a panic attack.

I felt hungover for 48 hours after, and I’ve been fine ever since.

You will be fine smile

WednesburyPrinciple Sat 17-Apr-21 11:03:15

Just had mine - AZ. Was terrified beforehand but oddly felt instantly relieved. My arm is hurting (30 mins post jab) but I feel much better than I did beforehand. Fingers crossed for the next 24-48 hours!

Cornettoninja Sat 17-Apr-21 12:59:45

@Cornettoninja If it was this or nothing, as in the jab or nothing, then definitely I would pick the jab. I am set on going and will do it, but sweet lord I wish my anxious internal chatter would stop.”

That’s good, you’ve made a definite choice (either would have been fine just a different set of anxieties to deal with).

It might not be helpful for you but I find that if anxiety is taking over then I need to face it. One method I’ve used with varying levels of success is to write a bullet point list of the outcomes I’m anxious about. Then I address each one of them in writing. Sort of debating with myself iyswim. At the end of it I have given myself the answers I need so in the case of getting the vaccine I would look into what warning symptoms I need to look out for and what I would do if I experienced them. Anticipation is my downfall, I’m actually pretty competent in an emergency but I find that this method addresses the worst case scenario ‘what if’s’ and demystifies it all a bit.

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