Why do my children not deserve an education?

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noitsachicken Sat 09-Jan-21 07:32:56

Just because we are not key workers?
My children don’t qualify for a school place, that means they won’t be educated in a classroom, by a teacher, with their peers, they won’t have time to socialise with their friends or play in a group.
They will be sat around the kitchen table, sharing a space with siblings of different ages, all with different needs, with a non-teacher parent trying to do the best they can.
Last lockdown school provision was ‘childcare’ the curriculum was suspended and there was no expectation. That is not the case this time, children who are not allowed in school are at a huge disadvantage.
I realise we are ‘lucky’ compared to others, we have access to technology and I can be home with the children, but I worry for my children, for their mental health and their education.
Why do they not deserve an education and others are prioritised for an education based on their parents job?
How long will those of us with children who are not allowed in school accept this?
I understand the reasons for closing schools, but children are not being treated fairly, if childcare is needed for those with critical jobs then it should be no more than that.

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inquietant Sat 09-Jan-21 07:34:02

Oh for goodness' sake - there's a health crisis. Mine are home too. I award you a biscuit

TK1930 Sat 09-Jan-21 07:35:54

The ones in school follow the same as those at home. Laptop, headphones & off you go!
Often supervised by non qualified teachers as they are busy online hmm

PleasantVille Sat 09-Jan-21 07:36:44

No one is saying that some children deserve something and others don't, where are you picking that up from?

Nearlytherenext Sat 09-Jan-21 07:36:55

Not really a question of anyone deserving anything...
Its about getting the country back on track in the middle of a pandemic.

I appreciate you are frustrated. It is very worrying that so many children are missing out on education.

Torvean32 Sat 09-Jan-21 07:37:31

The children getting an education are in school because their parents are key workers in the Covid fight. If you worked in that line your kids would be in school too.

dootball Sat 09-Jan-21 07:37:35

The key worker children in schools are mostly not being taught by teaches either. They just have a TA supervising them whilst they do the same work as the children at home are doing.
I know that's not the case in every school but it seems to be common.


mistymorning1 Sat 09-Jan-21 07:38:00

Ridiculous, it's time to put your mummy apron on! Support your children and get through what we are all going through

FrostedCranberries Sat 09-Jan-21 07:38:12

Erm from what I know, kids who do go into school are just plonked in front of a screen same way those who have to stay at home are.

fireplaceburning Sat 09-Jan-21 07:38:21

Children in school are not being taught in that way. It's all shit right now but we've got to get on with it. Your children are not missing out.

ineedaholidaynow Sat 09-Jan-21 07:38:42

Schools should be providing the same education for children in class or at home.

In some schools the teacher is teaching remotely from home and there is a TA in the class supervising the children

Other schools the teacher is live streaming their lesson from the classroom

Yes they are missing out on socialisation but we are not really meant to be socialising and they will be at more risk of getting the virus and bringing it home

WhoseThatGirl Sat 09-Jan-21 07:39:26

I understand how you feel. We are key workers and still haven’t been given a place. I do feel a bit bitter that my children are suffering when half the school is in. Especially as I’m in schools looking after other people’s children so they can work.
I just have to remind myself that in the covid lottery of crap I’m not doing to bad. So far no one I love has died. MIL is in hospital with covid and I’d have kept the kids off for a year to have prevented that (it wasn’t us that gave it to her).

noitsachicken Sat 09-Jan-21 07:39:31

I am aware of the crisis.
But children are being treated unfairly, all children should be treated the same.
Childcare should be provided for those who really need it

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ShizzleMyNizzle Sat 09-Jan-21 07:39:41

Because teachers and support staff don’t deserve to die doing their job. HTH.

DecemberSun Sat 09-Jan-21 07:39:54

Maybe we should just close the hospitals so the children of doctors and nurses are in the same circumstances as your children.

Such a silly and selfish attitude.

Padamae Sat 09-Jan-21 07:40:06

My child’s teacher is at home. The kids is school are being supervised by a TA doing the same work as everyone else. Nobody is getting the same level if education as they normally would.

Displayname Sat 09-Jan-21 07:40:49

Vulnerable children also deserve an education and are already massively disadvantaged. It’s not just key workers children at school.

Sirzy Sat 09-Jan-21 07:40:54

The pupils in our school are doing exactly the same as the pupils at home.

Like most of the nation schools are doing their best to adapt to an ever changing situation whilst also trying to keep everyone safe.

Aren’t you lucky that you don’t need to take the risk of sending them in at the moment

YouLikeTheBadOnesToo Sat 09-Jan-21 07:41:14

I can’t speak for everywhere, but around here key worker children aren’t actually being taught. In most cases the teachers aren’t actually in the school, they’re working from home delivering/preparing the schools homeschool offering. The children attending school are being supervised by the TAs, but they’re learning online doing the exact same work as those children at home. The

Flamingolingo Sat 09-Jan-21 07:42:00

It’s just not possible that in school they are doing exactly the same as home in our case. One is year R so has a couple of videos of stories to watch and a bit of phonics and counting; in school it would be several hours of play-based learning from a specialist in early years education. Other is year 2, and the work set takes us under an hour each day. I’m very grateful for this because I’m here on my own trying to do a fairly demanding job. And it’s the middle of a health crisis, so I do support the closure of schools, but the kids in school are definitely getting more this time round, in terms of work, support, socialisation. I would be less enraged if this whole situation weren’t the result of continued bad decision making and policy at a government level, a ridiculous refusal to cancel Christmas, and inability to see the gravity of the situation until it’s too late. Lockdown will be much longer because of that.

Sirzy Sat 09-Jan-21 07:42:24


I am aware of the crisis.
But children are being treated unfairly, all children should be treated the same.
Childcare should be provided for those who really need it

And how is that fair on those children?

If they are only provided with childcare while their parents work as key workers when do they get their education?

YouLikeTheBadOnesToo Sat 09-Jan-21 07:42:58

Sorry pressed posts too soon.

The TAs are doing an invaluable job, ensuring those who do critical work are able to carry on doing so, but they are not providing the ‘usual’ kind of education children receive.

SadderThanEeyore Sat 09-Jan-21 07:43:15

The more children that go in during these times, the longer it will go on. If your child goes in and brings covid home that could be a whole lot worse for you. You are being ridiculous, school is not proper school at the moment.

noitsachicken Sat 09-Jan-21 07:44:18

In our school children have been prioritised based on their parents jobs (as well as vulnerable children) those children are in school with their teachers and peers being taught as normal (with distancing etc)
How is that fair?
Yes it goes without saying I understand the crisis, I am greatful for what we have and that we are all well.

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Eckhart Sat 09-Jan-21 07:44:23

I believe that this new 'virus' has affected the lives of quite a few people, so try not to feel too singled out. It's really not all about your children, even though it might feel to you as if it is.

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