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So the vaccine is going to be compulsory then?

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Gigheimer Mon 30-Nov-20 23:12:58

There was a thread ages ago about the fact people were being tin foil hat about a vaccine being compulsory.

Latest news out they are considering “vaccine passports”, which lets face it, on our news cycle throughout this entire thing it’s been ... prepare them gently with maybes, odd leak here or there, test the messaging, oh look the guesses were right hmm

So no one is going to pin anyone down and spear them, but it’s basically the same thing. If you can’t enter a shop/leisure/work place domestically without a vaccine. It’s fucking compulsory.

Where did free will go? Where did vaccine uptake because we have trust go? I’m not anti-vaccine, had them all, even TB. But this isn’t on I terms of civil liberties. Does no one else feel concern at a general use of this crisis into nanny state?

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Gigheimer Mon 30-Nov-20 23:14:49

Sorry should be in the corona topic!

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Tootsietoot Mon 30-Nov-20 23:14:51

No they categorically said today it wouldn't be mandatory. Some venues might choose to not let people in in a less they can prove it has a vaccine that is very different from forcing everyone to have a vaccine.

Tavannach Mon 30-Nov-20 23:15:39

Heard a goverment minister on the radio earlier confirming that the vaccine will not be compulsory.

Mrgrinch Mon 30-Nov-20 23:16:08

Can you send a link to where I can read this please OP? If it's true it's very concerning as I do not plan on having it.

Gigheimer Mon 30-Nov-20 23:18:22

They said they are going to integrate it into the QR code and system, issue vaccine passports. That means everywhere that uses that (so everywhere) can then expect to ask for proof.

I never said forced, I said no one is getting pinned down. But the second that comes in it is in everything but name bloody compulsory to operate in life. They include public transport.

If people can’t see that rolling out everywhere, then there is no hope.

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ScottishStottie Mon 30-Nov-20 23:18:43

Your free choice is there. As is the free choice of various businesses that may want to safeguard their staff and customers by restricting access to people who have not had the vaccine. Simple as that.

If you dont want the vaccine your access to some areas may be limited, but that is your choice, and choices have consequences. Pros amd cons on both sides that each person can weigh up.

MarcelineMissouri Mon 30-Nov-20 23:19:50

Totally agree @ScottishStottie

tortoiseshell1985 Mon 30-Nov-20 23:20:09

Yes you will need it for travel, for going to large events etc
The world has lost its head in a gross mass hysteria

Gigheimer Mon 30-Nov-20 23:21:03

It’s a way of saying “we are not making it compulsory, of course we aren’t, but we are creating the tech and the expectation that venues will demand it, but it won’t be OUR fault, we never made it mandatory”...

Maybe I’m reacting so Badly as it feels shockingly like wholesale coercion to me!

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Gigheimer Mon 30-Nov-20 23:23:49

They include work places and public it’s truly my “free choice” to not be able to work, earn and eat if I don’t take a vaccine? If I don’t choose medical intervention?

You call that free choice? We don’t demand it for measles, TB, Flu or anything else we trust to public uptake and prepare the NHS to deal with the rest.

Where did that go?

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PanamaPattie Mon 30-Nov-20 23:25:25

Yes it's a free choice. If you chose not to have the vaccine, be prepared for all sorts of businesses, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and employers to refuse your admittance, refuse your education, refuse to employ you and possibly add you to a long waiting list for medical treatment. Possibly.

haircutsRus Mon 30-Nov-20 23:25:26

They said...

Who, exactly?

Firefliess Mon 30-Nov-20 23:26:15

There are already some other vaccines that are compulsory for travelling to certain countries from certain other countries. So this is nothing new. It's just that we've not been affected much by those rules in the UK as we've not had large outbreaks of a serious infectious disease for many decades.

If you're not vaccinated you're a risk to the health of others who can't have the vaccine or who it doesn't work for, so not surprising that airlines, immigration boards, large venues, etc are considering limiting access to those who are vaccinated. I'd imagine travel insurance will charge you more in the future if you're not vaccinated too.

Enrosadira Mon 30-Nov-20 23:26:34

Would you consider not being allowed to carry a bottle of liquid on a plane a loss of your liberties too. Or not being able to smoke on a plane? Or board it completely pissed? It is trhe same bloody arguments about everything: about seatbelts, helmets, smoking in the car, smacking your child. Grow up!
We are talking a vaccine here not a chip under your skin.
Imagine (and I am sure there where) people complaining about having to get a vaccine agains smallpox.

user1497207191 Mon 30-Nov-20 23:26:44


They include work places and public it’s truly my “free choice” to not be able to work, earn and eat if I don’t take a vaccine? If I don’t choose medical intervention?

You call that free choice? We don’t demand it for measles, TB, Flu or anything else we trust to public uptake and prepare the NHS to deal with the rest.

Where did that go?

As said by someone above, the staff in shops, pubs and public transport deserve to have the same "free choice" to be safe in their workplace and not risk catching covid because of people who refuse the vaccine. This is another case of "whose rights trump other peoples' rights".

Gigheimer Mon 30-Nov-20 23:27:45

The UK vaccine minister Haircuts

Panama that’s not freedom.

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Tootsietoot Mon 30-Nov-20 23:27:50

You are talking scaremongering bollocks.

Sakura7 Mon 30-Nov-20 23:29:01

Businesses have every right to put rules in place to protect their staff and customers.

Spottysausagedogs Mon 30-Nov-20 23:29:09

I think free will went out of the window with the invention of social media. That is why there is no trust, OP.
Anti- vaxxers are on the rise because of it and this is permeating into the collective psyche of even healthcare workers who should know better.

Tootsietoot Mon 30-Nov-20 23:29:13

"the UK Vaccine minister" ermmm not sure that's an actual job. Maybe come off social media and get your news from somewhere a bit more reliable.

blacksax Mon 30-Nov-20 23:29:19

I still think that anyone who refuses to have the vaccine needs their head examined.

Gigheimer Mon 30-Nov-20 23:31:07

Sorry where did I say “chip under my skin” I hate how pathetically fast people jump to conspiracy as soon as anyone questions a damn thing this government does.

I am not anti vaccine. I will happily not travel to country if they expected me to have a jab I am not comfortable with. I mean there isn’t one as I would take any long term established vaccine, but I have that choice.

That is absolutely not the same thing as being prevented from functioning in my own country.

Getting on a place with liquids also not a relevant example and that would risk the health of others, and the ask does NOT specifically trump the autonomy of medical interference in my own body.

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Gigheimer Mon 30-Nov-20 23:34:25

Tootsie Nadhim Zahawi was appointed as Vaccine rollout minister 2 days ago. My facts are from the Independent, The BBC and sky.

But please, keep telling me I am a social media informed conspiracy theorist. Instead of someone who actively engages with something civil liberties and medical professional are seriously concerned about.

I don’t inform myself from YouTube videos.

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AldiAisleofCrap Mon 30-Nov-20 23:36:54

Good, if you are to selfish to protect the vulnerable who can’t be vaccinated, then I am not going to lose sleep if you can’t go on holiday or to your local pub.

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