Wearing a mask at home with visitors

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Funkypolar Thu 19-Nov-20 13:32:56

Been reading that in some USA states, you now have to wear a mask a home when you have visitors. Is this something you will be doing? Should the U.K. government implement this rule when we are allowed to mix with other households?



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PinkFondantFancy Thu 19-Nov-20 13:37:24

Hahahaha NOPE. How are they going to police it? I'm allowed to do whatever I want in my home, for now. I'd prefer we didn't put all of 1984 into practice, we've already got too much of it now

Bubblemonkey Thu 19-Nov-20 13:50:05

Get to fuck. If I’m sat in own house, I ain’t wearing a pissing mask.

Racoonworld Thu 19-Nov-20 13:52:28

No way. I’m all for masks in public places but there’s no way I’m wearing one at home. You can if you want though

PurpleDaisies Thu 19-Nov-20 13:52:57

They can advise it but I’d like to see them try to enforce it...

Tyzz Thu 19-Nov-20 13:57:53

I wear a mask in the house if tradesmen come in.
It might be the only way to have DD come home for Christmas day as I am ECV and she is a teacher exposed to covid all the time.

kittensarecute Thu 19-Nov-20 13:58:49

No chance in hell.


SpamIAm Thu 19-Nov-20 13:59:13

Masks do reduce transmission albeit not dramatically, there'd be no harm in it being a recommendation. I'd rather see them encouraging people to open windows when they have guests though.

Hayeahnobut Thu 19-Nov-20 14:00:55

The reasoning behind the measure is to protect workers who have to visit other peoples homes. No one is going to check if you and your mate are wearing one, but workers have a right to protection from harm.

Given its context, the order is a good one. Any decent person would do the same here (if they're able), wearing a mask to protect a healthcare worker is not an unreasonable request.

ShyTown Thu 19-Nov-20 14:02:46

Over the summer friends of ours in the US invited us over, then asked us to wear masks, then offered us coffee and a communal plate of biscuits so we were pulling them up and down constantly. The whole thing was really awkward and strange. I’d personally rather see friends outside for a walk. However, I do always offer to wear one when we have tradesmen or the cleaner in the house.

yeOldeTrout Thu 19-Nov-20 14:02:53

Is Pennsylvania multiple states?

Funkypolar Thu 19-Nov-20 14:11:19

The CDC are recommending masks are worn for Thanksgiving. www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays/thanksgiving.html


It would be interesting if the government suggested that we wear masks if we mix households for Christmas dinner.

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WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Thu 19-Nov-20 14:15:20

Whether the rules allow it or not I'm not going into anyone's house, but if I was going into someone's house I'd happily wear a mask.

I'd probably avoid drinks/food, but taking it off to eat or drink & then replacing it when you're finished will still hugely lower the viral load.

I'd only visit people I care about, so why wouldn't I do what I could to protect them 🤷🏻‍♀️

movingonup20 Thu 19-Nov-20 14:17:18

No way! We had viewers for our rental yesterday (we are moving) and didn't mask them either - it's our home, I don't wear a mask in it

TheStripes Thu 19-Nov-20 14:17:24

I'd only visit people I care about, so why wouldn't I do what I could to protect them 🤷🏻‍♀️

Agree with this.

PaperScissorsRock Thu 19-Nov-20 14:17:57

Dd had a visit from the crisis team a couple of weeks ago, they came to our house and we all wore masks and kept the back door open - seemed sensible.

FizzyDizzy121 Thu 19-Nov-20 14:25:48

I'd rather wear it to protect my family and friends when visiting than not wear it, potentially contract or transmit a virus to my loved ones but be able to say that "I do want I want in my house" ...

Kjc39 Thu 19-Nov-20 23:02:33

If you and your visitors are scared then wear masks, for us who aren’t then no we won’t. End of.

WhentheDealGoesDown Fri 20-Nov-20 06:43:51

They could suggest or advise it, they also suggest or advise having the windows open, doesn’t mean I have to take that advice though, as for masking up on Christmas Day, how ridiculous when the main part of the day is spent eating and drinking

megletthesecond Fri 20-Nov-20 06:49:48

I do when I have tradesmen in. Mask on, windows open.

Don't have any other visitors. even in normal times.

PhilCornwall1 Fri 20-Nov-20 06:57:47

Screw that. What we do in our home is up to us and nobody else.

InTheLongGrass Fri 20-Nov-20 07:09:49

I have done this - when we needed the boiler fixing, and also when we went to visit neighbours, both of whom are vunerable, as they needed some signatures witnessing.

When my Mum comes round? But then I've only seen her 3 times since all this started due to distance and overnight rules.

Lemons1571 Fri 20-Nov-20 07:17:31

Yes I do this when anyone comes round, tradesmen, friends. Masks al the way. It’s more to protect everyone from repeated isolations, than because I’m scared of the virus itself.

But then it’s quite easy for me, as I don’t ascribe any deeper meaning to masks any further than “a bit of cloth that will help us reduce our chances of catching it a bit”.

If people don’t want to wear a mask then that’s fine, we would meet outside mask free.

Nellodee Fri 20-Nov-20 07:21:37

If I were feeling entrepreneurial, I would be making a specialist line in Christmas themed masks right about now.

Nellodee Fri 20-Nov-20 07:22:04

Santa's beard.... red nosed reindeer.... snowman....

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