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Grandparents providing childcare in Tier 4 Scotland

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RidingOn Thu 19-Nov-20 12:04:15

Does anyone know if I (living in Tier 2) can continue to provide childcare for my grandchildren (in Tier 4), under the restrictions coming into force in Scotland tomorrow?

I'd be really grateful if someone could clarify this, as I've already spent nearly an hour trying to find out. I know that we can still form extended households but not whether I and/or grandchildren can actually travel back and forth from one tier to another.

Thank you!

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Ponoka7 Thu 19-Nov-20 12:12:30

Tbh, it doesn't make sense that children under 12 don't count, but informal childcare for non essential workers can carry on. I'm in Liverpool and we were told that there shouldn't be movement between the tiers, unless for essential work.

Are their parents essential workers? If so, it can continue. Personally I think you should individually risk assess.

altforvarmt Thu 19-Nov-20 12:13:24

I think the guidance given is more to do with how essential it is for the tier 4 household to get childcare support than the tier of the childcare provider.

I think this site provides the most comprehensive guidance you’re going to find on the subject...

Bumble84 Thu 19-Nov-20 12:21:43

On my essential informal childcare to take place in tier 4. To me that would suggest if you are able to wfh then you keep children at home with you.

RidingOn Thu 19-Nov-20 12:27:43

It's a single parent family, they are not essential workers but there are mental health issues. I think I am going to have to make the risk assessment myself ...
That makes sense - that it depends more on how essential the childcare is than the tier of the carer. I would say I'm pretty essential, but they might not agree wink!

Thank you very much for your help.

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RidingOn Thu 19-Nov-20 12:30:53

Yes, children are at school during day and at home in evening, but parent (working from home) sometimes needs childcare in the evenings and at weekends.

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Racoonworld Thu 19-Nov-20 14:06:03

If she’s working from home why does she need childcare evenings and weekends?

RidingOn Thu 19-Nov-20 15:37:29

Their father doesn't necessarily finish work when the children get home from school, and if he has to work in the evenings or at weekends, it's difficult for him to look after them at the same time. This is the same for most single-parent families, I expect.

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Racoonworld Thu 19-Nov-20 16:23:18

@RidingOn just do it then, otherwise how is he supposed to work? Think everyone just needs to use common sense and just do the things necessary.

RidingOn Thu 19-Nov-20 17:05:24

@Racoonworld, yes that is what I am thinking. I'm nervous about it though - don't want to break any laws!

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Racoonworld Thu 19-Nov-20 17:11:58

@RidingOn I know, but it's not like you're doing it for socialising, childcare for work is pretty essential. I don't think anyone would complain at you doing that as long as you stick to just childcare.

RidingOn Thu 19-Nov-20 21:49:36

Thank you, @Racoonworld! Hopefully it will only be for 3 weeks anyway.

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