Would you test or not?

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Bestbigsister Wed 18-Nov-20 23:00:49

No cough, slightly raised temp at about 37.5, absolutely knackered, achy, headache and tight chest, raised heartbeat.

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Bottomsupfizz Wed 18-Nov-20 23:15:55

37.5 it’s still within normal range, albeit at the top end of normal.

My mum tested positive two weeks ago and 37.5 was the highest her temp got to.
She tested as she also developed a cough and there had been several cases at her work place.

I’d keep an eye on your temp overnight and see how you feel in the morning.

Bestbigsister Wed 18-Nov-20 23:22:18

Thanks will do. I’m fairly certain I have something, am now cold and shivery. It’s the chest tightness which is bothering me. Hope your mum is ok.

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Bottomsupfizz Wed 18-Nov-20 23:30:35


Thanks will do. I’m fairly certain I have something, am now cold and shivery. It’s the chest tightness which is bothering me. Hope your mum is ok.


I hope you’re feeling better soon.

Keep a check on yourself, especially if your chest is feeling tight.
Have you been around any positive cases?

My mums is okay now. smile

YukoandHiro Wed 18-Nov-20 23:32:53

Feverishness plus a tight chest would suggest to me it's worth you getting tested to be sure.

Justmuddlingalong Wed 18-Nov-20 23:34:42

I'm another one waiting to see how I feel in the morning. Occasional cough, no temp but feel hot, sore throat and headache. Probably something and nothing, but the paranoia of being ill and passing it on is more scary to me than actually being ill with covid.

MrsEricBana Wed 18-Nov-20 23:35:37

I think yes. Friend's son was the same and they tested because husband is vulnerable even though they thought probably nothing. He was positive. Hope you're ok.


WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Wed 18-Nov-20 23:39:10

Yes, you should. Not everyone has symptoms that are intense or that last a long time, but they're still infectious & can pass it to others.

I would try to book somewhere for Friday morning.

WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Wed 18-Nov-20 23:39:40

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow, but still get tested!

Bestbigsister Wed 18-Nov-20 23:53:31

I feel ghastly, really knackered. I’ve slept for hours today and still feel rubbish. I’ve booked a test for tomorrow morning.

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AntiHop Wed 18-Nov-20 23:57:51

I think getting a test is the right thing to do. Hope you feel better soon.

BlackeyedSusan Thu 19-Nov-20 00:00:21

hope you feel better soon.

Justmuddlingalong Fri 20-Nov-20 18:04:26

I've just ordered a home test. Wednesday I had a sore throat, headache and a bit of a cough. Yesterday the sore throat and headache were gone but I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. My whole body was aching and I was completely knackered, spent most of the day sleeping. Today I'm still achy, with tightness across my chest but am also constantly coughing with the added bonus of the occasional pissing myself. Unfortunately I can't get to a testing centre so a home test it is.

H1978 Fri 20-Nov-20 18:13:53

I would get tested, tiredness with Covid is very real.

Bestbigsister Fri 20-Nov-20 18:31:08

I was tested yesterday morning and got the result this afternoon and it was negative, so that’s good.

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Justmuddlingalong Fri 20-Nov-20 18:57:31

Glad your results were negative OP. Hope you're feeling better.

AlwaysLatte Fri 20-Nov-20 19:06:30

No but I wouldn't go out anywhere or see anyone.

Justmuddlingalong Fri 20-Nov-20 19:31:01

DP is having issues with his boss about him isolating too while I wait for results. That's correct isn't it, everyone in the household has to isolate until I get a negative result?

YukoandHiro Fri 20-Nov-20 23:32:29

Yes @Justmuddlingalong that's right

Justmuddlingalong Fri 20-Nov-20 23:40:01

Thank you @YukoandHiro. DP explained that, but his boss just said, that's not correct, but for him to do what he thinks is right. DP's told him he's isolating as is government advice and has been for months. I feel guilty that I'm causing bother, but surely the whole idea is you presume you're positive until you get a negative result. 😡

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