Partner positive - did anyone else feel sick/dizzy?

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Fallulah Wed 18-Nov-20 15:30:51

Partner tested positive last Friday, not been right since Weds but didn’t have any of the big three that you’re supposed to have to get a test - we had to say he had a new cough to get a test, which was of course positive.

Main symptoms have been terrible aches, massive headache, fatigue (just making a drink wears him out) and some breathlessness/a chesty cough, which was a worry as he has asthma but seems to be a bit better today. Lost taste and smell on Sunday night. However last night he started feeling sick and dizzy and this hasn’t gone away. Did anyone else get this too? He doesn’t seem to have felt hot or had a temperature all the way through although I have just ordered a thermometer to arrive tomorrow so that he can check this properly.

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DreamLoverr Wed 18-Nov-20 15:46:12

Yes I suffered with terrible dizziness and disorientation. It was awful. Hope he feels better soon

HarrietOh Wed 18-Nov-20 15:52:38

My main symptom (aside from loss of smell) was the headache, but I definitely felt slightly sick/dizzy at times. I never got a temperature, I ordered a thermometer too but I was always about 37.

PeachiceT Wed 18-Nov-20 16:02:22

I had aches , dizziness, sinus pain and extreme fatigue for 3 days then developed a temp , had a test and it was negative .. so maybe its possible to have a bug alongside covid ?

PeachiceT Wed 18-Nov-20 16:03:18

Forgot to add I add terrible headache and felt really quesy

PrivateD00r Wed 18-Nov-20 16:37:52

Yup, I had awful nausea and a few days of throwing up too. Very dizzy, still am at times 3 weeks on. The list of symptoms is huge, it really is the weirdest thing!

Fallulah Wed 18-Nov-20 20:04:05

Thank you. Bizarrely it is making me feel better that it’s just another symptom. Seems to have eased a bit this evening. Have also ordered an oximeter thing for his finger. At least we will be kitted out if it ends up getting me too (8 days of self isolation left to go for me - not sure when I can relax)!

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Katya213 Wed 18-Nov-20 20:57:26

Mine started with dizziness and I was puzzled why I was so dizzy, then hot and cold, then upset tummy, nausea, unable to eat due to nausea, headache and the most extreme tiredness I've ever felt along with being unable to move my neck and pain in my back.

Fallulah Wed 18-Nov-20 23:45:22

May have spoken too soon... came over very faint as I was going to bed and had to lie on the bed in a cold sweat. Might be slightly warm temperature wise so I’ve booked a home test.
Currently trying not to panic and to convince myself I’ve just taken too much vitamin D and echinacea (or however you spell it)!
Will not be telling partner about this in the morning!

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NebbiaZanzare Thu 19-Nov-20 00:00:56

My son's co-coach (25yo) tested + last week. Dizzyness, nausea & fatigue were his only symptoms. If his g/friend wasn't a nurse on a covid ward who tested + herself (asymptotic) he'd have no idea he'd caught it.

I ended up in an ambulance this August. Vertigo to the point of crashing down hard. I had a minor cough, minor temp raise, sore throat, fatigue as well. But it was the whole month of dizzyness that really stood out. Wasn't tested in ER. Not coughing enough and temp not raised enough to warrant one. In retrospect I wonder if it might have been worth it. Cos despite sticking me in a CAT scanner with contrast and having the ENT shake my head till I begged for mercy they still couldn't work out what was wrong with me.

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