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Suzyeve Wed 18-Nov-20 11:47:46

I'm feeling a bit worried because am expected to give a colleague a lift for a few days, she doesn't drive, we'll be in car together for at least 30 minutes each way. I only know her to say hello to, not that that is really relevant.
I just feel a bit uncomfortable, but at the same even more uncomfortable to refuse.
If you were giving somebody a lift would you ask them to wear a mask?
In the environment I work in many staff don't really seem to worry about social distancing, although I do. I have no idea what her stance on things are.
Maybe I'm being over cautious to worry. Any thoughts would be apprectiated. Thanks.

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ceeveebee Wed 18-Nov-20 11:51:00

Is it totally necessary?

If so then I would both wear masks, ask her to sit in the back behind the passenger seat and have the window open.

dementedpixie Wed 18-Nov-20 11:51:54

I thought lift sharing was discouraged unless they are a member of your family. Yes to wearing masks and sitting as far away from each other as possible and have windows open.

Why are you expected to drive her about? Can she not make her own arrangements?

CovidPostingName Wed 18-Nov-20 11:52:15

What do you mean 'expected'? Because I wouldn't be car sharing wirh non-family members at all in the current conditions. Can they compell you? I'd simply say no under lockdown.

Mummyme87 Wed 18-Nov-20 11:52:39

I have been lift sharing once a week with a colleague (healthcare) throughout covid. I personally really don’t see it as an issue.

ceeveebee Wed 18-Nov-20 11:52:44

Also be aware that if she tests positive, you will definitely be classed as a close contact so will need to self isolate.

Suzyeve Wed 18-Nov-20 11:53:12

Yes it's a necessary course. Good advice, thank you .. It's the worry that I'll be seen as over the top. I know that is silly, just so many people act like it doesn't exist.

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ceeveebee Wed 18-Nov-20 11:53:22

It is allowed if for an “exempt reason” ie work - but it’s discouraged

ceeveebee Wed 18-Nov-20 11:53:41

Official guidance:

Car sharing
If you are car sharing then you must not share the car with someone from outside your household or your support bubble unless your journey is undertaken for an exempt reason. For example, if car sharing is reasonably necessary as part of your work.

It is difficult to socially distance during car journeys. Where it is essential to car share, you can reduce the risk of transmission by:

share the transport with the same people each time
minimise the group size at any one time
opening windows for ventilation
travelling side by side or behind other people, rather than facing them, where seating arrangements allow
facing away from each other
considering seating arrangements to maximise distance between people in the vehicle
cleaning your car between journeys using standard cleaning products - make sure you clean door handles and other areas that people may touch
asking the driver and passengers to wear a face covering

CovidPostingName Wed 18-Nov-20 11:55:45

Course or not, I'd be asking for my objections to be put on my file, and asking why she can't make her own arrangements?

dementedpixie Wed 18-Nov-20 11:55:48

It might be a necessary course but I'm sure she could make her own arrangements to get there.

Suzyeve Wed 18-Nov-20 11:56:33

I was told really to give her a lift by a senior member of staff . "So and so will need you to give her a lift." Then she did say to me herself, "is that OK" but not really asking, just kind of being polite. I felt in a situation where they didn't think for a minute I'd have a problem with it.

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Spied Wed 18-Nov-20 11:57:08

If I really couldn't being myself to refuse I'd have my mask on when I picked her up, I'd ask if she minded sitting in the back (I'd probably put my bag etc on the front seat to kind of avoid awkwardness if she tried to sit in front) and if she wasn't already wearing a mask I'd hand her a disposable one from a pack beside me.

Suzyeve Wed 18-Nov-20 11:59:21

I forgot to add it will be after lockdown, assuming it ends on the 2nd. Thank you for the replies.

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ceeveebee Wed 18-Nov-20 12:00:33

The social distancing rules are the same even once lockdown is over. You can’t socially distance in a car share unless you have a 7 seater!

ThatDirection Wed 18-Nov-20 12:00:43

Reports have come out showing vat sharing is very high risk. It's not over top at all to both start a mask, ask her to sit in the back on the passenger side and open the windows. Those measures should mitigate the risks.

ceeveebee Wed 18-Nov-20 12:01:10

Perhaps once you explain your rules to her, she’ll work out a way of getting there on her own...

Suzyeve Wed 18-Nov-20 12:04:32

Thank you. You're all giving me more confidence. I will definately put some rules in place x

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UrsulaPandress Wed 18-Nov-20 12:12:21

My friend who is a nurse came out for a walk with me a few weeks ago. I picked her up. She wore a mask and sat in the back.

Suzyeve Wed 18-Nov-20 13:46:46

12UrsulaPandress thank you, that helps to know x

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