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Floralapron Wed 18-Nov-20 10:09:17

I haven’t seen my parents since July as they’re a 5 hour drive away. My mum has just been on the phone sobbing because she wants to see her grandson (he’s 2 years old) it’s utterly heartbreaking and I don’t know how I’m going to cope with much more.
Neither of them are vulnerable but I can’t see the government allowing travel when they open up on 2nd December or it’ll be essential only. Also they would need to stay somewhere, as I assume we still won’t be able to mix households indoors. And I’m not sure air b&bs will be open (that’s where they usually stay).
Feeling so deflated and sad that they’re missing so much of my son’s development.

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GertieGumboyle Wed 18-Nov-20 10:21:55

OP, if neither of them is vulnerable, you do know there's nothing to stop you from going to see them, or them coming to see you? There are not Special Covid Police watching you and your parents and making sure your trip is essential. And even if there were, then you could easily argue that it is essential. Honestly. Just do it.

Holiday accommodation providers are currently allowed to open from 2nd December (I've booked one for December, and it's not what the government would say was an essential trip - however, it's essential to me as it's to see family, and I couldn't give a monkey's about bloody Covid and lockdowns, which have already caused me to lose my business and my income). I dare say you wouldn't be planning to have a party for 30 people in your sitting room. Use your judgement!

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