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DC going between parents houses when separated.

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SuperCaliFragalistic Wed 18-Nov-20 05:55:04

I guess I'll ask the school if it comes to it.

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SuperCaliFragalistic Wed 18-Nov-20 05:54:34

Thanks, its not clear though is it? If my DD happens to be at her dads when we get the call that she is to SI then she has to stay there for 2 weeks and not come home? That seems a bit unreasonable. Also seems unreasonable to prevent her from seeing her father for 2 weeks.

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FoxtrotOscarPoppet Wed 18-Nov-20 05:00:21


FoxtrotOscarPoppet Wed 18-Nov-20 04:59:05

If they’re self isolating then I don’t believe they can move between the homes.

SuperCaliFragalistic Wed 18-Nov-20 04:46:16

My DC spend 2-3 nights a week with their dad and his wife and younger children. The rest with me. DC1 is in yr 5 and may have to self isolate this week, we are waiting for test result in her year group. I know she will have to stay inside and not go anywhere but I presume she can still go to her dad's? It would mean going in the car, not walking or taking public transport. If she can sit in the car to go to her dad's can she sit in the car while I drop her brother off at school?

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