Who counts as your contacts for track and trace

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Florabella Tue 17-Nov-20 19:19:54

For those of you who have tested positive and have had to give a list of your contacts to track and trace for them to be contacted, what is the criteria of who you have to name. I mean how many days back, how long with them etc.

I am really paranoid about ever catching it and having to give certain work clients as recent contacts. I would not be popular with them to say the least!

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SirFlouncealot Tue 17-Nov-20 19:42:30

Contacts are those in close contact of less than 2m for more than 15 minutes or those you live with within 48 hours of symptoms or positive test.

Florabella Tue 17-Nov-20 19:46:56

Thanks. Should be ok i ever catch it as I'm very careful with these clients (always 2m plus away and always less than 15 mins if inside) and they shouldn't ever fall in that category.

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