Socialising in the garden

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fancyginglass Tue 17-Nov-20 19:19:15

I live in Scotland and am in Level 3 restriction area which means that you can socialise in the garden with one other household up to a maximum of 6. They are allowed to enter the house to use the toilet. Do you think I would be able to have another couple over to our summerhouse. For clarification we added a sort of extension on to our existing summerhouse and it has 2 doors and we would be 2 metres apart. I have heating in there so would be cosy and have throws etc. I also have a fridge so no need to go indoors for drinks etc. What's your thoughts? The rules are not very specific. Summerhouse can be draughty by he way so plenty of ventilation.

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FuckeryOmbudsman Tue 17-Nov-20 19:24:22

Pretty sure garden means garden

Not house, shed, summerhouse, palace, grotto, bothy, stable, barn, kennel, garage etc

Fortherosesjoni70 Tue 17-Nov-20 19:29:09

Absolutely not!!
You will
be indoors! Walls and a roof?
The virus is spread more easily in enclosed spaces so no.

fancyginglass Tue 17-Nov-20 19:42:45

I've seen people mentioning getting a gazebo - what about that?

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fancyginglass Tue 17-Nov-20 19:43:40

Having said that I can go to a cafe and sit across from them and have a coffee. In actual fact we would be further apart.

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RoseAndRose Tue 17-Nov-20 19:46:49

Well meet them in the cafe then!!

fancyginglass Tue 17-Nov-20 19:48:47

It seems a bit nuts that we can sit next to each other in a cafe where there will be far more people around when we will be more socially distanced in the garden summerhouse.

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Denthelp Tue 17-Nov-20 19:55:22

It is nuts OP and precisely the reason I think people aren’t sticking to the rules this time.

LizzieMacQueen Tue 17-Nov-20 22:39:15

Apologies if I've misunderstood but I did not think toilet visits were allowed. I think they may have been in the summer but not now.

Calmandmeasured1 Wed 18-Nov-20 00:58:02

You know what you are and are not allowed to do. The rules are quite clear. It doesn't matter what you think of them. The longer it takes for people to comply, the longer you'll be subject to restrictions.

Meet in the actual garden or in a cafe.

WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Wed 18-Nov-20 01:04:37

Can you keep doors/windows open?

I think if it's well ventilated (not just a bit of a draught) in an area where you can meet inside a cafe then it's no more risk AS LONG as you don't hug etc (which is why meetings in cafes/pubs etc is usually permitted at a given stage because people will behave differently)

Ventilation is an absolute must though. Get as much air in as you can. Use blankets etc to keep warm.

Or do the same thing and stay inside your own nice warm houses & zoom party!

fancyginglass Wed 18-Nov-20 18:29:00

I can open the windows and it has two entrances so definite social distancing - no sharing of anything. The rules for Tier 3 state you can go in to the toilet. I have a downstairs toilet and what I did in the summer was keep this for guests in the garden and no one from the house used it that day. Obviously it was deep cleaned beforehand and I asked them to use alcohol gel and spray dettol afterwards.

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TopBitchoftheWitches Wed 18-Nov-20 18:42:52

Op, just do as you are told, this shit is ridiculous.

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