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New employer a bit annoyed

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ConorMasonsWife Tue 17-Nov-20 17:15:45


I started a new job in a small learning disabilities assisted living facility 2 weeks ago, I have done 9 shifts and last Tuesday someone I was shadowing tested positive, still no proper PPE was in place(2 visors being wiped over between uses between day senior and team leader boiler suits for the team leader and senior only, just a thin surgical mask and latex gloves for me and other HCA's).

I got tested Wednesday and tested negative; by Saturday two tenants had tested positive, they placed me on the side with positive cases with just a mask and gloves still while others got to choose to leave the side. I actually don't mind working with people with covid, someone has to but the attempt at PPE for HCA's was a bit poor, on Saturday I was spat at, on Sunday I was kissed.

I now have a temperature of 39.6 and I'm shivering quite bad, a cough too which isn't too bad but I was due to be on Thursday and I rang earlier to say I've had a covid test today and if the results aren't back or they're positive I won't be in Thursday, it was the team leader I spoke to and she was very rude to me, saying I should come in anyway and they'll decide whether to send me home. I realise first impressions matter but I wouldn't be in the position possibly(not necessarily), if I had been provided with proper PPE, and I'm going based on the guidelines, I don't want to risk spreading it to others further.

They wouldn't be able to get rid of me with me being so new and not coming in already would they?

Thanks for your replies!

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icelollycraving Tue 17-Nov-20 17:18:24

No idea on your legal status in terms of your job, but wanted to say they are appalling for treating you like this. Good God, no wonder it’s spreading like wildfire. Wanting you to go in whilst showing symptoms? Arseholes.

Didiusfalco Tue 17-Nov-20 17:21:07

That’s appalling. Please leave and get a new job. No concern for your health or that of colleagues and clients.

middleager Tue 17-Nov-20 17:24:30

This is shocking. I'd report them to the HSE as they are putting people at risk.

ConorMasonsWife Tue 17-Nov-20 17:25:14

If I'm honest it has really put me off, I was excited to start and they were lovely, but then the positive case in the staff happened and it was obvious it would have spread and I thought they would provide proper PPE to not just protect us but to stop it spreading between tenants more, they're all lovely but so unaware and struggle with basic hygiene and obviously have no idea what covid is. I genuinely don't mind looking after them if they have it because they deserve care but without proper PPE it seems unfair on staff and the tenants.

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GreyWall Tue 17-Nov-20 17:26:53

That's worth reporting to the local authority and environmental health my love, how awful xxx

ConorMasonsWife Tue 17-Nov-20 17:32:07

I think you might all be right, sadly because of this my partner has been working hard towards an exam that he was due to take on Thursday and I don't think my results will be back by then so he'll have to miss it, and my children now have to miss more education. And some of these tenants have underlying health conditions so the spread between some could be horrendous. It's such a shame because it seemed to lovely at first.

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GeorgiaGirl52 Tue 17-Nov-20 17:33:08

That is starting to trend here in the states. So many health care workers testing positive that if they are asymptomatic they are being allowed to continue work and assigned to covid wards. Obviously with your temperature and cough you should not be working.

ConorMasonsWife Tue 17-Nov-20 17:35:47

How awful sad

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ChessieFL Tue 17-Nov-20 17:40:06

To answer your question OP, until you have 2 years service you have very few rights so they can get rid of you for any reason as long as it’s not discriminatory. So yes, they could sack you for not going to work (abhorrent as that is).

ConorMasonsWife Tue 17-Nov-20 17:44:18

Okay, I thought that might be the case. Thank you for your answer, I still think I'll be reporting it, I know it'll probably put me out of a job but it needs looking into I think. Thank you for your replies everyone!

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Augustbreeze Tue 17-Nov-20 17:46:43

Would the OP not have a legal case for an employer clearly breaking Covid rules?

nodogz Tue 17-Nov-20 17:54:07

Get on to local authority and the HSE if you're Uk. This is not a Covid safe workplace and if they flout the rules like this they can receive a hefty fine

HyacynthBucket Tue 17-Nov-20 17:58:12

That is really awful OP - for you and particulzrly for the clients who are obviously vulnerable as they need help to protect themselves. This organization is not good - please report to the health authorities so as to protect everyone there. Not even basic PPE is disgraceful. Hope it all goes well for you and you are OK.

ConorMasonsWife Tue 17-Nov-20 18:06:51

Thank you, I am in the UK, I will report tomorrow. Shame about it as it seemed so lovely when I first went in and the tenants are really lovely, they definitely deserve to be treated better.

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doloresclaiborne Tue 17-Nov-20 18:09:23

AGeeseGoose Tue 17-Nov-20 18:12:31

That’s an outrageous thing for them to say! They’ll decide whether to send you home? Absolutely report. I hope you’re feeling better soon brewcake

bathsh3ba Tue 17-Nov-20 18:37:20

That is awful. My sister is in an assisted living facility for people with learning disabilities and they have a fantastic system going and have so far had no cases among residents or staff while still maintaining family contact. It can be done better. My only advice is to try to find a better employer...

ConorMasonsWife Tue 17-Nov-20 19:40:44


That’s an outrageous thing for them to say! They’ll decide whether to send you home? Absolutely report. I hope you’re feeling better soon brewcake

Thank you, me too, I'm not sure if I definitely have it but my temperature is creeping up higher and paracetamol isn't doing a lot, I have no smell but I do have taste, a cough but it's not awful, a bit of a burning sensation at the top of my chest, feel sick and my eyes hurt. Oh and I ache like billy'o! But not a patch on lots of people, hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!

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kazza446 Tue 17-Nov-20 20:02:40

This is dreadful! Are you in England? If so, please ring Care quality commission on 03000 616161 to let them know. Peoples lives are being put at risk

bringbackCabanas Tue 17-Nov-20 22:51:48

What PPE were you given, OP? Standard for positive cases would be surgical mask, gloves, plastic apron and goggles or visor.

HarrietOh Tue 17-Nov-20 23:04:38

Fever AND no sense of smell and they want you in work?! That’s madness!

AGeeseGoose Wed 18-Nov-20 07:34:20

I hope you had a good sleep and are feeling ok today OP

EnjoyingTheSilence Wed 18-Nov-20 07:40:02

No wonder this virus is spreading again.

@ConorMasonsWife you are doing the right thing by not going in, hope you feel better soon and definitely report them.

Spidey66 Wed 18-Nov-20 07:44:25

Report to the CQC for not providing proper PPE.

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