Please someone talk me down

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BottledItB Tue 17-Nov-20 11:05:55

My step child has just tested positive for Covid. He is okay, he's not ill and has no symptoms basically.

But I am pregnant, nearly 30 weeks and I am absolutely petrified now that I've got it and it's going to harm my baby.

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dementedpixie Tue 17-Nov-20 11:08:28

Does he live with you? When did you last see him?

BottledItB Tue 17-Nov-20 11:14:46

No, we saw him early weekend though.

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dementedpixie Tue 17-Nov-20 11:17:22

Was there a reason he got tested?
Do you have any underlying conditions that would make you more vulnerable?

dementedpixie Tue 17-Nov-20 11:19:38

BottledItB Tue 17-Nov-20 11:35:24


Was there a reason he got tested?
Do you have any underlying conditions that would make you more vulnerable?

Someone in his class tested positive and he had a temp (when at his mum's not with us).

No I don't have any underlying issues.

I know logically that there is no evidence regarding pregnant women being affected more. But it took us so long, after years of miscarriages to get this far. I am absolutely terrified.

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PickleWithEverything Tue 17-Nov-20 12:09:38

I think when you are pregnant every health scare can be absolutely terrifying. It is partly hormonal and partly because you so desperately want to have the healthiest, safest pregnancy you can. (I remember falling downstairs in my first trimester and tortured myself for weeks wondering if I was going to lose my baby.) If you have miscarried before, your anxiety is completely understandable. Everyone is going to pile in here and reassure you that you don't need to be terrified.

Why not call your midwife and ask for reassurance around the risk to the baby, based on your age and weight and health generally?

And then whenever your find yourself worrying, pinch yourself and go do something nice to distract yourself. Have a bubble bath, or do a dance workout, or read a novel.


doireallyneedaname Tue 17-Nov-20 14:15:17

If it’s any consolation my old pregnancy group is full of pregnant ladies who have had Covid and are totally fine! I was surprised as I’m an anxious person but statistically you and baby won’t have any problems if you do get it.

Jrobhatch29 Tue 17-Nov-20 14:18:36

Try not to worry though I know how vulnerable you feel when pregnant. My friend has just finished her isolation today after having covid. She's 32 weeks pregnant and had it really mildly. She has been decorating and put her Xmas tree up whilst at home. She was straight out to the shops today!

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