Keeping toddler busy while SI and working

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Hooletthedogsout Tue 17-Nov-20 07:13:48

DD 22 months was sent home due to a covid positive case in her bubble so will be self isolating till next week. DH and I will take couple of days off to tide us over . I was wondering if there are any activities to engage her in small bursts while we work other than watch TV? She doesn’t really watch more than 15-20 minutes as she likes to be out and about. And any advice for me to keep sane till next week?

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TrashedMammoth Tue 17-Nov-20 07:42:09

Oh I feel your pain! That was the age of my son at the start of lockdown.

Can you set up a wet area with a mat and small amount of water to pour into things?

Blocks and cubes. Piles of Tupperware. Chalk and chalk board (Mine ate it though)

Toddler trampette. Bubble machine

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