Coming to UK for a funeral

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mamawithfive Mon 16-Nov-20 17:15:22

I’m British but live abroad.
I have a close family funeral next week, and still toying with the idea of flying in for it.
I could arrive the day before, straight to hotel for quarantine, attend funeral the next day and fly home the day after.
I also need a PCR test before I go home, has to be taken and results received within 72 hours of landing at home.
What’s the rules as I know I can leave quarantine on compassionate grounds for the funeral, not for the wake which is fine. But how do I get a test if I can’t leave my accommodation?
I’d worry I’d forever feel guilty for not attending the funeral and supporting (from a distance!) my family who live in UK.
I know there is a limit on amount of people at funeral, and we’d be well under this number.
Is it too much to think I can fly in and out within 72 hours including getting the PCR test?
Am I best not coming in this pandemic? I haven’t been to visit, even though my relative was terminally ill. Just feel really sad that I can’t say a proper goodbye.
I think I’m answering my own questions, it’s just not going to be doable, but feel bad that I’d be letting people down by not attending.

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Ginfordinner Mon 16-Nov-20 17:17:51

I think they would understand why you couldn't make it.

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