If you've had a covid test recently - how long did it take to get your results?

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HettyHare Mon 16-Nov-20 09:41:28

That's it really! Thanks.

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HarrietOh Mon 16-Nov-20 09:55:39

I had a test this time last week and it took 33.5 hours for the result.

BoulangerieBabs Mon 16-Nov-20 09:56:27

24 hours for me.

MustStopSnacking28 Mon 16-Nov-20 09:56:57

I had a test yesterday morning (drive in one) at about 10.40am and the results email came through negative at 1am this morning. So extremely quick! The text didn’t arrive until about 7am so still quick but email seems to come first.

pintsizeprincess Mon 16-Nov-20 10:01:06

I posted a home test on friday and received results yesterday lunchtime. Which I thought was really quick for a postal test.

WanderingMilly Mon 16-Nov-20 10:01:42

Four bloody days!
Two weeks ago though, and it was a home test kit. Sent it back on the Friday, test results came through (by e-mail) on the Tuesday. I guess it was the post and the weekend that messed it up....

IndieTara Mon 16-Nov-20 10:02:51

Had a test last Tuesday at 11am thecredults came through at 7.30pm weds night


IndieTara Mon 16-Nov-20 10:03:09


moonbells Mon 16-Nov-20 10:05:25

I have to have one a week (NHS) and they have so far taken anything between 35h and 6 days to come back. Since it's routine bulk testing rather than symptom-driven I'm not surprised it's longer, and I am assured that if one was positive they'd prioritise the text message so we could take ourselves out of the workplace pronto.

LeoTimmyandVi Mon 16-Nov-20 10:14:50

Daughter had a test at 10.30 yesterday morning - negative test result text received at 8.15am today. Very impressed with the speed!

notroundthebend Mon 16-Nov-20 10:17:01

I'm off for a test this morning.. I actually feel quite poorly! My H seem to think it's nothing more than a cold. I'm not snotty 🤷‍♀️ I'm however shivering on and off and my whole body feels tender if that makes sense. I've been coughing all weekend. H was rough last week, I asked him to test and he's in denial and adamant it's just a cold. We shall see.!

Katya213 Mon 16-Nov-20 10:18:08

Ten days, previous one in may was three weeks, if I show symptoms in the future, I will isolate for two weeks, my experience was a complete sham, even if it had come back positive, test and trace would've been a waste of time in my case.

whatswithtodaytoday Mon 16-Nov-20 10:21:42

32 hours a couple of weeks ago.

astridforty Mon 16-Nov-20 10:22:24

19 hours, very speedy.

WhoopsSomethingWentWrong Mon 16-Nov-20 10:23:40

29 hours, last week.

Crinklestar Mon 16-Nov-20 11:46:10

3pm-ish yesterday afternoon, still waiting. Hoping that we'll all be able to go back to work/school tomorrow. Six weeks ago our tests at the same site (but slightly earlier in the day) took about 40 hours.

Blerg Mon 16-Nov-20 11:47:46

Have been waiting 24 hours here, fingers crossed for everyone waiting (and for negatives).

kazza446 Mon 16-Nov-20 11:50:22

18 hours via a walk in centre! Tested yesterday at 12 noon, result sent via text and email by 6am. Confirmed as a positive. Wasn’t a surprise as there’s already 3 positive cases in our house!

KylieKoKo Mon 16-Nov-20 11:52:55

I had a home test about 5-6 weeks ago.

I ordered the test on Monday and it arrived on the Tuesday. I returned it the same day and received my results on the Friday.

carolebaskinfedhimtothetigers Mon 16-Nov-20 11:55:25

2 weeks ago but I got mine in 35 hours

Cornettoninja Mon 16-Nov-20 13:54:37

Tested dd yesterday lunchtime and had the results just after 8am this morning. I was very impressed.

(I think area has an impact on how quick it all is so for clarity we’re in Essex)

BillyAndTheSillies Mon 16-Nov-20 13:59:42

DH waited 40 hours last week. Other colleagues who were tested had results back in less than 24 hours but went to a different test centre.

Ontopofthesunset Mon 16-Nov-20 14:17:16

DS1 just under 24 hours - tested at noon yesterday, results at 11.30 this morning. Negative (as we expected as he has no symptoms but was asked to test by his work which is for the local council).

YonderTweek Mon 16-Nov-20 15:54:19

About 30 hours (home kit) last week.

luckythirteen Mon 16-Nov-20 18:48:25

36 and 29 hours last week for DC

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