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diddlediddle Mon 16-Nov-20 07:02:35

Just wondering about the experiences of people who've tested positive despite having few/no symptoms or unusual ones.

How did you know/decide to test?

Where i live it's not that easy to get a test and also in these threads people often say unless you have at least one of: a cough, a fever, loss of smell and taste then you shouldn't clog up the system with testing. But then I see people who've just had, for example, mild cold symptoms and a headache, or a short bout of food poisoning and a sore throat, etc.

I've got what seems to be a cold, with some upper back pain which I can't tell if it's related to tightness in my chest or not. I had an upset stomach last week, briefly. Just looking for experiences really to help me decide whether to test.

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Mindymomo Mon 16-Nov-20 08:24:27

There are many symptoms, but only one of the 3 given to get a test. You could call 119 and see what they say. 6 people tested positive through private tests where my son works, only one had symptoms.

People have got a tests just by clicking one of the symptoms, whether that’s right or wrong it’s difficult to say as people are just anxious to know one way or not.

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