Isolating already and another close contact positive

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Todayisgood2 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:21:39

I'm already isolating until 23rd as a close contact has tested positive. Another close contact from same group has tested positive today. Do I need to extend my isolation as I had contact within person Thursday last week?

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dementedpixie Sun 15-Nov-20 23:31:41

How did you have contact with them if you were isolating from the 1st contact?

Todayisgood2 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:35:24

I'm a teacher. 1st contact was a pupil, we keep working until test results come in...... so I taught my class for 4 days whilst they waited for results. Now another child has tested positive....

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IslaMann Sun 15-Nov-20 23:35:39

No but echoing the poster above. How? You should not have left the house.

EasterIssland Sun 15-Nov-20 23:36:16

Only if you’ve been in contact 48h ago need to isolate. So as you were isolating I presume you don’t have to extend it

Todayisgood2 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:37:59

Just to clear it up, as soon as pupil gets positive test the group is sent home, we can't isolate whilst kids await results- I wouldn't have been in at all this term!

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dementedpixie Sun 15-Nov-20 23:40:12

I think you do need to extend it then if you had contact with the 2nd pupil in the 48 hours before symptoms started. What does your school say?


Todayisgood2 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:43:17

They're waiting to check with public health tomorrow. I last saw this pupil on Thursday and positive result today after testing on Saturday so presume he had symptoms.... yes I think we'll probably have to isolate longer. I'll wait to see tomorrow.

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Pipandmum Mon 16-Nov-20 00:17:19

Surely your school will advise you on this.

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