Anyone else realised their family are awful this year

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UpsyDaisy77 Sun 15-Nov-20 22:41:08

Is it just me or has COVID made them realise their family is awful? I’m at the point of no contact with nearly all my family who refuse to follow any of the rules and have carried on this year as if nothing has happened.
I am primary career for my very elderly and vulnerable mother, I live alone and have been working from home throughout and only going to shops once a week. Like everyone mental health and the isolation of being alone all the time has been very difficult but l know l need to do it to protect others and most importantly my mum.
Since March I’ve had to plead with some family not to visit my mum, my sister insisted on visiting her on mother’s day when we were told not to and l have now found out that my other sister has taken her kids to see my mum whilst my niece was off school as her bubble was down. So basically took a self isolating child to see her very elderly gran. I’m so angry and upset but my whole family have turned on me accusing me of being hysterical and that l can’t tell them what to do. My mum is just confused and doesn’t understand why l’m telling people not to visit her.

I honestly think that even after this is over and Covid is a distant memory I’ll never see my family in the same way. I feel so isolated and alone sad

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Mindymomo Mon 16-Nov-20 08:55:28

I totally get your frustration with family members. Ask them who is going to look after your mother if you become ill. They probably would feel different then about visiting. I’m so fed up of people saying that they don’t know anyone who has had it, like it makes a difference.

Keep doing what you are doing and try not to worry about selfish relatives.

Orangeblossom7777 Mon 16-Nov-20 09:27:43

I think that you can't control others and can only manage your own response

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