To think 2020 can do one

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Hellin301 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:32:40

Raising a glass of wine to seeing 2020 nearing an end.

Lockdown after lockdown
Health worries
Kids cut off from school
Social activities curtailed
Job losses
Relationship breakdowns
Fear & anxiety

Cannot wait for this year to be over. No guarantee next year will be much better but there’s hope in the future. Surely things have to improve from where we currently are

2020 can piss right off....

Feel free to join me in wishing it a (not so fond) farewell

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Jrobhatch29 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:33:34


LivinLaVidaLoki Sun 15-Nov-20 19:35:03


HairyFloppins Sun 15-Nov-20 19:35:49


lilfoxfur Sun 15-Nov-20 19:37:02

Yes 🍷 2020 can totally fuck off, however we still have a month and a half to go ..

This year has been a disaster from start to finish although for me, worse than Covid and the myriad of terrible things that's brought with it, the worst part was losing my beautiful dnan. She was my safe place, my guiding light and I miss her terribly.

Fuck off 2020 😤😤

Bubbletrouble43 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:40:16

I'm pouring one to that. Would like to point out though that November has seen
Trump losing
A vaccine looking v promising
Cummings getting the push
My birthday
So I'm hoping the worm is turning... Am I wrong?

Hellin301 Sun 15-Nov-20 20:21:01

I hope you are right!!

Sending some positivity out to the world grin

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MrPanks Sun 15-Nov-20 20:32:31


I'm with you OP, 2020 can do one. Can't wait to see the back of it.

My DF died(covid), DH lost his job, home fucking schooling, and I work in health so that's been a fucker as well.

Mind you, we've still got Brexit and the winter to get through, it's still gonna be shit for a bit.

Trump can fuck off as well, and take that twat Cummings with him. Wankers.

And breathe...

WhiteChocTwix Sun 15-Nov-20 21:28:23

🍷cheers ladies. Parents either in the care home in midst of an outbreak or lonely and crying all the time. Job uncertainties (immediate supervisor making me a nervous wreck). Roll on Xmas, planning to hide at home in my PJs.

rosie39forever Sun 15-Nov-20 21:29:19

I'm staying up on New Year's Eve, not to see in the new year but to make sure this one fucks off... cheers

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