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andisaidgo Sun 15-Nov-20 08:52:11

I have a young adult child in a rehabilitation unit following a serious injury a year ago. They will not allow me to visit even tho my child contracted COVID whilst in hospital and is now negative.l. Nor will they allow me in with a negative test of my own. My question is this. I want to be able to 'unwrap' a test in front of the staff and do the test 'there and then' that shows I am negative. I was wondering if these new 'lateral flow' tests coming in will allow me to do this? I live in an area where these are being rolled out. Can anyone help? Does anyone know how these tests work?

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Mindymomo Sun 15-Nov-20 15:39:40

You cannot do one of these yourself away from test site at the moment. There would be no point in you doing one of these if the rehab unit still won’t let you in. You could contact your local MP to ask if this could be considered.

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