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How long does it take to develop symptoms if you’ve been exposed.?

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Coolieloach Sat 14-Nov-20 21:11:30

I was with someone 3 days ago who is now very ill with COVID symptoms awaiting test result.

I was with them for about 15 minutes, indoors with the window open socially distanced (in a school).

I know it’s early days but if they test positive and if I have caught it (presuming I’m not asymptomatic) how soon could I develop symptoms?

Does anyone have experience of this please?

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WhyNotMe40 Sat 14-Nov-20 21:14:29

About 4-5 days for most people, but can be longer or shorter.

kazza446 Sat 14-Nov-20 21:17:12

I started with symptoms 1st Nov. Tested on 2nd, confirmed positive on 3rd. Track and trace said I’d picked it up between 24 and 29 October, was contagious from 30th onwards.

amicissimma Sat 14-Nov-20 21:17:36

I think it's 2-14 days for so many people that 14 days is the quarantine, as trying to catch the last few would be impractical.

Coolieloach Sat 14-Nov-20 21:26:47

Ok thank you

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Scottishskifun Sat 14-Nov-20 21:29:00

For most people it's between 4/5 days but there are instances of longer (hence 14 day isolation).

WorriedNHSer Sat 14-Nov-20 21:31:32

If it’s any help I had COVID and failed to pass it on to my wife. Lots of people aren’t very infectious at all, but obviously the flip side of that is some people are very infectious. Your exposure is fairly low risk so hopefully all will be well.

dementedpixie Sat 14-Nov-20 21:33:38

When did they first get symptoms? They can pass it on about 2 days before symptoms so contact tracers will look at those in contact in the 48 hours before that. On average its 5 days to get symptoms but can be up to 14

miimblemomble Sun 15-Nov-20 07:00:10

Were you and the other person wearing masks? If you were, and you were distanced, you wouldn’t even be considered a contact case.

M’y understanding is thé thé other person would have been contagious for 2-3 days, beginning 24-48 hours before they showed symptoms.

Then 4-6 days after catching it is most common for you to show symptoms.

Wintershereagain Sun 15-Nov-20 19:35:42

I think even if not wearing mask and if you’re 2m away up to 15 mins is ok if you were closer (within 1m face to face ) no time is allowed

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