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PilatesPeach Fri 13-Nov-20 09:43:10

So government say you cannot change your bubble.

Was seeing a bloke for a few weeks pre 2nd England lockdown but was in tier 1 so able to see other friends up to 6 and following other guidelines.

When lockdown was announced, he and I agreed to bubble - both single adults - and carrying on living apart but seeing each other (only 10 mins away in car). Now a week into the 4 week lockdown (and perhaps restrictions carrying on afterwards depending on rates at the time) he has now decided not to continue with me - his prerogative - but apparently I now have to spend the next 3 weeks alone unless I exercise outdoors in a public place with 1 other. Made worse by my work sector being shut till at least 3rd December.

Just moaning sorry but am pretty upset. Thanks for reading!

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3kidsandafewcats Sat 14-Nov-20 09:34:37

I hope you are ok. flowers I would start a new bubble if you can.

CovidPostingName Sat 14-Nov-20 09:54:04

Keep yourself as isolated as possible for two weeks then start a new bubble.

dementedpixie Sat 14-Nov-20 09:58:21

Just bubble with someone else. No-one is going to monitor what you do

rumred Sat 14-Nov-20 10:54:18

What @dementedpixie said.
Live your life. A bubble is a made up concept. The point is to be careful whatever or whoever you are in contact with

PilatesPeach Sun 15-Nov-20 17:57:33

Thanks - I am not working and have not done since lockdown started and he works from home so other than a weekly supermarket trip, neither of us saw anyone else.

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