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IdrisElbow Wed 11-Nov-20 17:21:10

New thread!

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SpamIAm Fri 18-Dec-20 16:16:43

Glad a bought DD new shoes this week anyway!

tinytemper66 Fri 18-Dec-20 16:31:02

Is the ban on non essential goods back then? I will need to get a new coat for one of mine then. Was going to look after Christmas but better get on it.

MercyBooth Fri 18-Dec-20 17:21:23

The supermarket industry has to cover up all non essential goods from xmas eve again poor beggars

Drakeford has taken leave of his senses again then.

tinselearedcow Fri 18-Dec-20 18:28:09


The supermarket industry has to cover up all non essential goods from xmas eve again poor beggars

Where did you read this? I hoped they had learned from last time that this just gets people's backs up.

tinselearedcow Fri 18-Dec-20 18:29:43

At least click and collect will be available (it says so in the guidance). I know not everyone has access to the internet but it's something.

justasking111 Fri 18-Dec-20 18:55:32


At least click and collect will be available (it says so in the guidance). I know not everyone has access to the internet but it's something.

Supermarkets struggling to cope with online ordering despite a huge increase in drivers and collectors so I wouldn't rely on click and collect


ArosAdraDrosDolig Fri 18-Dec-20 19:47:50

So schools on Anglesey are to be closed until 11th when they will resume face to face learning ‘if safe’.

Over the bridge in Gwynedd, the council have decided there is no clear need to move to online learning and schools will open as expected on 5th. With Inset on 4th.

Cases are higher in Gwynedd than on Anglesey 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Ever get the feeling nobody knows what they’re doing?!

BeyondThunderdome Fri 18-Dec-20 20:16:00

What may be interesting, is that priority shopping delivery spots are on hold for “shielding” people over Xmas, til mid January. So even if we go into full scale lockdown, many of the most vulnerable will have to visit supermarkets. While simultaneously, levels are high enough that we aren’t allowed to buy tin openers... 🤷🏼‍♀️

Cyclingwidow15 Fri 18-Dec-20 20:25:50

ArosAdraDrosDolig I think Gwynedd may backtrack on that. I live and teach in Flintshire and we’ve been told it’s a Welsh Governement directive that all schools in Wales, primary and secondary, will be shut the first week of January. They are going to assess the number of cases on Jan 6th and make a decision as to whether it’s safe to open the following week. 😩

SaltyAF Fri 18-Dec-20 21:46:49

I really question the 190 days' entitlement. PCC have stick an extra pulling day onto January, having been closed prior to October half term (in exchange for one day per pupil in July) and again in December. My kids aren't getting what they need and they won't give them a KW place even though I'm a teacher.

SaltyAF Fri 18-Dec-20 21:47:24

Stuck an extra PD day (blame the end of term gin).

Adrastia Fri 18-Dec-20 22:22:48


Your children's school have no choice, they have to offer your children in school provision from Jan 6th
The legal position is that if a school has moved to remote learning due to public health and safety reason, they have to make available onsite provision for vulnerable children and critical work children from the third day. Therefore, assuming Monday 4th isn't an INSET they must put in place this provision from Wednesday onwards.

Last week they published a list of key and critical workers which included all school staff.

the document
Education and childcare workers

all workers in childcare settings (to include day nurseries, creches, childminders, play groups, Cylch Meithrin, after school clubs and holidays clubs)
Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) lecturers
social workers
specialist education professionals,
support staff on site at schools, FE and HE settings such as catering, cleaners, caretakers, maintenance staff all those involved in schools/FE/HE institutions to operate
teaching staff
learning support staff
Work Based Learning trainers and assessors
Youth workers

housemdwaswrong Fri 18-Dec-20 22:23:18

@beyondthunderdome I don't know if it helps, but I'm with asda and I kept my priority slot but now have to pay for the delivery, but same slot and still weekly.

ImAllOut Fri 18-Dec-20 22:29:24

A headteacher relative has already received requests for key worker spots from very "questionable" key workers. I really hope you are able to get a spot Salty.

ArosAdraDrosDolig Fri 18-Dec-20 22:50:09

Cyclingwidow15 I did think too that Gwynedd might backtrack. I have children at schools in both counties.

carolabbott3e4 Fri 18-Dec-20 22:52:06


Alright butt

Not feeling a whole lot different but have seen family and caught up with some friends.

Interesting to read Merthyr might be next after Liverpool for Mass testing that will certainly produce lots of work for Track and Trace!

My God helps you.

SaltyAF Fri 18-Dec-20 22:54:53

@Adrastia this week they refused KW to my children because I teach in England. In summer they would let them in their classrooms with a teacher and their friends if I accessed KW provision (said KW provision was going to be at the leisure centre with God knows who). It's been dreadful to the point that I'm taking legal advice.

SaltyAF Fri 18-Dec-20 22:55:17

Wouldn't let them in their classrooms

Adrastia Fri 18-Dec-20 23:00:35

@SaltyAF - that’s awful and I’m sure they are legally (and morally) in the wrong.

Provision in the summer term was problematic - I dread going back to a system with lots of schools together for the provision.

As a HT it is difficult and I’ve had a couple of requests where I am dubious about the validity of KW status and in one case I’m convinced that the dad in the family is available. However, I ask the families if they are 100% sure they are eligible and in need of care and if they insist they are then I ensure it is provided.
Ultimately it’s not my job to sleuth and make judgements.

HeyChubbee Sat 19-Dec-20 07:46:20

@Adrastia perhaps the father refuses to have them, that’s what happened to me in the 1st lockdown when we weren’t allowed to use family for childcare - so I couldn’t work.

Adrastia Sat 19-Dec-20 08:35:02

That sounds difficult.
We would try to provide care under those circumstances because ultimately surely it’s better for the child if mum can work.

It’s all just such a mess and sadly I have very little confidence the school situation will improve in January.

Directions from WG are ambiguous and keep changing. They also all seem to be at the 12th hour.
I understand it’s a fluid situation and they have to react to current data but it makes trying to run a school and work with parents very challenging!

tempnamechange98765 Sat 19-Dec-20 09:03:38

DS' test was negative, no surprise as he had one coughing fit and hasn't coughed since. Good to know though! Just waiting for my and DH's tests but as we are hermits and only got tested because of DS I'm hoping they're negative too!

BeyondThunderdome Sat 19-Dec-20 10:22:13


*@beyondthunderdome* I don't know if it helps, but I'm with asda and I kept my priority slot but now have to pay for the delivery, but same slot and still weekly.

I'm Asda too, and I pay. I have a delivery I managed to get for 30th jan, but then none til (i think) the 13th!

housemdwaswrong Sat 19-Dec-20 12:27:10

Bugger. That's a right pain. I wonder why they are so inconsistent? Sorry. I'd hate to supermarket shop now. :/

BeyondThunderdome Sat 19-Dec-20 15:04:46

Could be worse, my fridge freezer could have just died 😭 ffs!

We have managed to get an extra Iceland delivery and hopefully that will tide us over. Pretty well prepped with our tin cupboard, luckily

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