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IdrisElbow Wed 11-Nov-20 17:21:10

New thread!

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Helocariad Fri 25-Dec-20 08:19:26

Nadolig Llawen, pawb, in spite of everything!

housemdwaswrong Wed 23-Dec-20 09:38:48


housemdwaswrong Wed 23-Dec-20 09:38:23

Shielsingbia being reinstated in Wales, letters are on the way, though goodness knows what use ssp will be. Guidance here :

footprintsintheslow Mon 21-Dec-20 18:53:22

@tempnamechange98765 it's really tough isn't it with all these firsts. Can you plan a different evening, maybe a board game or a night listening to old cds or records or do a jigsaw...whatever floats your boat?

This is the first year I won't be with my daughter. Hate the thought of it but trying to be grown up about it.

tempnamechange98765 Sun 20-Dec-20 08:12:09

@parmavioletsarelush I don't disagree with you, but it's been like that for years for me - about spending time with family.

We're not allowed to spend time with family though are we? Family outside our household. We have to choose who we see, for the day only. No getting too close, relaxing together.

For me although I know I'm lucky to have a lovely family within my household, this is the first Christmas I won't spend the day with my sister, the first Christmas since DH and I have been married that we won't see my in laws at all, and the first Christmas where instead of finally relaxing once the DC are in bed (small, both under 5) and having a lovely grown up evening with my parents/siblings/DH/whoever else has tagged along, games, nibbles and drinks - we will have to drive the DC home, put them to bed and spend yet another evening just the two of us in front of the TV. DH and I love our evenings at home, but that's ALL we have done since March. My older DC will also be really disappointed not to stay over at my parents as he loves it, it's a huge treat for him and he hasn't done it this year.

DinosaurOfFire Sun 20-Dec-20 00:59:03

So sorry for your loss, Idris.


parmavioletsarelush Sun 20-Dec-20 00:38:38

I feel sorry for all of you not on the M4 corridor too. Looking at the map Swansea and eastwards have the most cases. It does seem very unfair that you can't move around the areas that have low incidences.

parmavioletsarelush Sun 20-Dec-20 00:24:17

So sorry @IdrisElbow. I know how hard losing a parent is in normal times. I can't begin to imagine what it's like now.

So many scenes of people going crazy tonight at Smyths toys and retail outlets etc. all over South Wales. Click and collect is going to be available from most toy and most non essential stores until Christmas Eve. I've been feeling more and more, I don't know... despondent about Christmas for years. I wonder if people will start to think about the true meaning of Christmas after this year. I don't mean the religious aspect (I think UK/Western society is mainly too secular for that now apart from enjoying the nativity shows in school), but just having a day to spend with family where there are no other pressures on you but to be there in the moment (and sweating your bollocks off in the kitchen before you fall asleep in front of the TV). I do feel sorry for those who haven't been able to afford to buy presents in advance though, especially those with small children. Mine are teenagers. I've ordered an apple watch for one which won't arrive until 5th January at the earliest, and the other wants money to put towards a car (almost 18). But apart from that I've hardly bought a thing. But, do you know what? They understand that they're not going to have much to open on Christmas morning, because this isn't a normal year.
I also feel very sorry for the small business owners and those in the hospitality trade. A few hours notice is shocking. I do agree with the lockdown though. I'm in NPT and today's figures show that 36% of those tested in the county are positive. Those are the ones that bothered to get tested. What about the others walking around, shopping etc. who are asymptomatic or feeling a bit poorly and not bothering to get testes. Those are the people that worry me. I've spoken to a teaching assistant in a huge primary school who was ill a few weeks ago. A few days later her husband became ill. I asked her if they'd been tested and she was basically "meh." Those are the people that worry me.

Sorry, I've been on the wine tonight. Rambled on a bit.

EveLe Sat 19-Dec-20 22:42:02

@IdrisElbow I am so sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you.

piddocktrumperiness Sat 19-Dec-20 22:14:46

@IdrisElbow So sorry for your loss

yellowmaoampinball Sat 19-Dec-20 21:57:29

I'm so sorry for your loss Idris flowers

LostInWales Sat 19-Dec-20 21:48:49

Idris I am so so sorry, my condolences to you and your mum. How awful for you both.

Doilooklikeatourist Sat 19-Dec-20 21:42:07

💐so very sorry @IdrisElbow

Frazzled2207 Sat 19-Dec-20 21:30:37

I am so sorry

tempnamechange98765 Sat 19-Dec-20 21:19:34

Oh @IdrisElbow I am so so sorry. That does put things into perspective you're right. Thoughts are with you and your mum.

justasking111 Sat 19-Dec-20 21:15:51

@IdrisElbow so sorry, this is such a terrible virus with no rhyme nor reason taking too many good people.

U8myufo Sat 19-Dec-20 20:11:14

I'm so sorry for your loss @IdrisElbow it puts everything into such perspective. We just all need to get on with things.

tinselearedcow Sat 19-Dec-20 20:04:15

Thanks @IdrisElbow, I think we will need each other in the days ahead.

Adrastia Sat 19-Dec-20 19:42:24

Idris, I am so sorry.

ArosGartref Sat 19-Dec-20 19:41:07

@IdrisElbow flowers I'm so sorry for your loss.

IdrisElbow Sat 19-Dec-20 19:37:46

Thank you so much everyone. There are just no words for the horror of this situation for us all ☹

I have started a new thread because I think we need each other more than ever.

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tinytemper66 Sat 19-Dec-20 19:37:31

So sorry to read that Idris x

Frolicacid Sat 19-Dec-20 19:33:17

My condolences @IdrisElbow. That’s just terrible.
And puts it all into perspective.
Thinking of you & yours 💐

PurplePansy05 Sat 19-Dec-20 19:32:40

I am really speechless here, Idris. We've been following the rules but still didn't quite realise just how serious this is because we've been very lucky not to have anyone within our circle who got ill or died. I have my uncle on the frontline, he's a doctor a year before retirement and we were concerned about him, but he's been extremely fortunate so far. It's one of those things, I didn't feel invincible, but equally I was probably arrogant that we'd all be fine. Your story has really brought it home now, you know. I'm going to crawl back to my hole and shut up about non-essential goods, there are far bigger and more important things in life flowers

SaltyAF Sat 19-Dec-20 19:31:47

@IdrisElbow, very, very sorry to hear that.

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