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IdrisElbow Wed 11-Nov-20 17:21:10

New thread!

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Arosadra Wed 11-Nov-20 17:23:50


HeyChubbee Wed 11-Nov-20 17:44:53


ArosGartref Wed 11-Nov-20 17:48:27

Noswaith Dda

Ymlaen Wed 11-Nov-20 17:50:59

Sut dach chi gyd?

It's dark, it's raining, it's windy, but there's nowhere else I'd rather be grin

footprintsintheslow Wed 11-Nov-20 18:36:36

Helo pawb.

housemdwaswrong Wed 11-Nov-20 18:40:46

Hi from holiday guest house in sunny (not) Pembrokeshire smile


Frolicacid Wed 11-Nov-20 18:41:17

Helo Pawb!

How are you all finding the end of the firebreak? I can’t say that our life has changed at all since Monday. Hoping for some dry weather so we can meet some friends outside over the weekend.

AlohaMolly Wed 11-Nov-20 18:55:08

I didn’t think I’d do much for the end of firebreak BUT I’ve had a bit of a shit week, so ended up taking myself out for breakfast Monday and Tuesday, then after school pancakes for DS on Tuesday and after school tea and ice cream for DS this afternoon too. I’ve just arranged breakfast out with a friend tomorrow and I’m meeting another friend for a drink in the evening. I’ve perhaps gone overboard, but I can feel myself teetering on the edge of poor mental health for a variety of reasons, so have hit the eating my feelings thing hard this week!!

Haywire Wed 11-Nov-20 19:04:19

Alright butt

Not feeling a whole lot different but have seen family and caught up with some friends.

Interesting to read Merthyr might be next after Liverpool for Mass testing that will certainly produce lots of work for Track and Trace!

Helocariad Wed 11-Nov-20 19:05:20

Helo pawb!

Doilooklikeatourist Wed 11-Nov-20 19:11:11

@AlohaMolly, I've been out for coffee and cake 2 days in a row , just because we can meet up with a friend again
DD asked about Christmas shopping in Cardiff , we normally go together on the train ( as I'm a wimp about driving places I don't know )
Bearing in mind we're from a rural low infection area and have only been to Llandeilo recently
What does everyone think ? Is everyone shopping online ?
Or having a day out with lunch at The Ivy and schmoozing round John Lewis ?

ArosGartref Wed 11-Nov-20 19:13:35

You don't want to know the things I've seen on Facebook about mass testing for Merthyr. People are crazy, mun. If they go for it I'll be straight up getting my lateral flow on.

Muchtoomuchtodo Wed 11-Nov-20 19:58:07

Noswaith dad!

Very soggy here. I was hoping to meet a friend for coffee and cake this weekend but she’s having to self isolate as her husband’s COVID test has been lost. She’s so frustrated- both missing work and 2 kids off school.....

footprintsintheslow Wed 11-Nov-20 20:33:00

I've spent 6 hours in the park today. So excited to be out!
Dreadful weather here in South Wales now though.

HeyChubbee Wed 11-Nov-20 21:40:20

As someone who potentially will be mass tested then there will be no one for them to track or trace if I test positive as I literally go nowhere.

SpamIAm Wed 11-Nov-20 22:37:12

We registered for the Oxford university study today so that'll be interesting - although will be very surprised if either of us test positive or have antibodies.

Been nice getting back out to baby classes this week and being able to buy things I don't need in Lidl. Going to buy some shoes in Tesco tomorrow just because I can.

justasking111 Wed 11-Nov-20 23:15:59

Done nothing much this week, got a bit of well a lot of IBS type problems and prefer my own loo. Spoke to DS today he is in England, very down in the dumps, got his brother and his dad to speak to him too he is a bit more cheerful tonight. Think he just wants to come home now is fed up with living in a city and just wants to be a country mouse again. Told his dad he is bringing the girlfriend back with him grin

SpamIAm Wed 11-Nov-20 23:30:35

IBS in the age of COVID is even more of a PITA (no pun intended) than normal. Not knowing whether all public loos are open, not being so easy to pop into a pub/cafe to use the loo etc.

Murinae Thu 12-Nov-20 00:02:05

Life’s not changed here much since Monday but we have booked a night in a hotel in Mold for Saturday. Feels very risky!!

BestIsWest Thu 12-Nov-20 06:41:46

Bore da pawb.

thesunwillout Thu 12-Nov-20 07:06:34


Aw, my dd loves Cardiff and city life but only yesterday she said to me, 'I'm still a country mouse!'

So strange, because I've ordered the book for her Xmas stocking. (Same copy as the one she had back in 2005 lol)


MrsHuntGeneNotJeremyObviously Thu 12-Nov-20 07:21:50

Hello everyone
Re Cardiff uni end of term dates, isn't the 18th quite late generally. I thought students usually finished around the 10th and had a full month off to do all the reading thru never finished earlier

IdrisElbow Thu 12-Nov-20 09:01:08


Life’s not changed here much since Monday but we have booked a night in a hotel in Mold for Saturday. Feels very risky!!

😂 take care out there. People have had some crazy times in Mold!

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Arosadra Thu 12-Nov-20 09:21:13

Nothing changed here since the end of the firebreak except that I met a friend outdoors.
DD’s friends are all straight back to having sleepovers and she’s grumpy because I won’t let her.
Went to matalan on Monday and it was busy like the January sales.

I’m still mainly aros adra’

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