Children under school age CAN accompany adults

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WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Mon 02-Nov-20 13:42:33

Just heard on the news & wanted to share.

Children under school age CAN accompany an adult meeting one person outside.

Hopefully that will help a lot of people cope a bit better smile

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FourTeaFallOut Mon 02-Nov-20 13:53:39

Good, I'm glad that has been made clear. I'm not in this boat anymore but I think it's a reasonable nudge to the rules with very low impact in terms of transmission and a lot of benefit to those this applies to.

ChocChip01 Mon 02-Nov-20 14:01:19

Fab that’s great news! Clearly this lockdown will last longer than 4 weeks, and although I have a husband to keep me company/ have adult conversation with, sometimes it is nice to meet up with another mummy ☺️

cologne4711 Tue 03-Nov-20 16:40:27

I don't know if it's just me but I think there's a massive loophole here, and a couple with an under 5 can meet another couple with an under 5 - here are the draft regulations - this relates to meeting outside.

(3) For the purposes of determining whether a person is complying with the limits in—
(a) paragraph (2)(c)(ii) and (d)(ii), no account is to be taken of any person who is present as a
carer for a person with a disability who needs continuous care (a “carer”),
(b) paragraph (2)(c)(iii) and (d)(iii), no account is to be taken of a carer or a child below the
age of five,
provided that, in either case, there are no more than two people present in the capacity of carer.

cologne4711 Tue 03-Nov-20 16:41:02

Or do they mean two people in total rather than two people per cared for person

cologne4711 Tue 03-Nov-20 16:41:34

Some cared for adults might actually need two carers.

Boringnamechanging Tue 03-Nov-20 16:47:49

I assume they mean the disabled adult counts in the numbers but up to 2 carers don't count.


ChloeCrocodile Tue 03-Nov-20 16:56:38

a couple with an under 5 can meet another couple with an under 5

Not unless the child has a disability and needs two carers (as they would come under the disability exemption. For the small children exemption, it is the child who is discounted, not the parents. It allows SAHP's and mums on maternity leave to have contact in the day (assuming their partner's are at work). I'm incredibly relieved that it has been included as I have a good friend with PND who needs to be allowed to see people.

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