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Work place refusing to close

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Lollipops5 Mon 02-Nov-20 12:35:44

So it’s seems my work place have found some sort of loop hole and are refusing to close during lockdown despite closing last time.
Cosmetic surgery including hair transplants and boob jobs. How do they think that this is essential work ! Patients shouldn’t be travelling to us. We are all being put at risk 😡

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WhiteChocTwix Mon 02-Nov-20 13:37:59

@Lollipops5 gahh I have a similar problem. Currently doing an admin temp job which I can do 100% remotely from home. Told by one of my supervisors this morning office is staying open and if you're on the rota you must be in the office. Am raging given I was told this job was 4 days a week at home and 1 in the office and that was prior to the lockdown announcement. No one seems to take it seriously that we ought to be doing our bit by working from home given we can effectively! I'm being put in a difficult position because I need the money and am just a temp but not happy about unnecessary exposure.

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