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After the 'shall I bring dd home?' thread...can I take her back?

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Noideawottodo Mon 02-Nov-20 09:58:34

She wants to go back on Monday - to her uni house in Wales, we are in England.

This will be for educational purposes, so totally fine, no?

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MRex Mon 02-Nov-20 10:05:35

She isn't supposed to move back and forth, the guidance is explicit about that. (It was already in the Tier structure, I guess you missed it before.) If she's going back once before Thursday then you could argue your case as travelling for education, but she'll need to actually stay put when she's there, can she manage to do that? If not it would be better for her to just stay with you.

Noideawottodo Mon 02-Nov-20 10:16:35

She'll definitely stay until Christmas.

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