Recycling Centres

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MereDintofPandiculation Mon 02-Nov-20 11:08:59

Ours closed last time allegedly so that workers could be redeployed to maintaining kerbside deliveries. Same logic applies to this lockdown, so I'm not hopeful.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 02-Nov-20 10:34:44

Not mentioned either way on

There will be more guidance produced in the next few days. I suspect it will be up to individual operators. There's no reason for them to close given that they're outside and generally only have a few people working on a largeish site, but I suppose there's a risk of staff shortages due to illness/SI. You'd hope that they'll remain open as there was a big problem with fly tipping in the first lockdown.

IhateMondaymornings Mon 02-Nov-20 09:16:00

Does anyone know whether they will be open during the England Lockdown after Thursday?

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