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My students are having a terrible teaching experience

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Shiningstar84 Sun 01-Nov-20 17:58:31

So with cases in my local area rising, our college which I teach in (24 students per room) have sent an email making it very clear that we need to ensure we are keeping 2 metres distance from students at all times in classroom. This is because a couple of teachers have contracted the virus from students (we are pretty sure from them anyway)
so, my issue is that because of the size of my classroom I have to teach from my computer in the corner of the class. This means only half of the class can physically see me. It means no writing on the board, no checking students work etc.
The students already don't want to be there, they didn't mind remote teaching and actually right now, a camera facing me whilst I teach them would be a far superior experience.
I'm more than happy to come in to college each day but ask students to join live from home. This absolute insistence of staying open at all costs is ludicrous in my opinion. Sorry to add to the thousands of other threads on this.. Just seems crazy!

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Thousandmiles Sun 01-Nov-20 19:37:37

I totally agree. I’m back in education (retraining) at the moment and I can’t see why they won’t just move the course online until after Christmas at least! Our rooms aren’t big enough to fully distance at all times; the poor tutors (some in their 60s) must feel like a sitting ducks.

It’s so hard to keep “Covid secure”, especially when students keep moaning about being cold and asking to close the windows etc.

I know remote learning is not as good as being there in person but surely it’s the best option for now?! confused

Sevensilverrings Sun 01-Nov-20 19:46:47

I completely agree with you, it sounds frustrating and just not very doable.
My son is in first year of Alevels. We are going to make the decision to keep him at home as both husband and I are vulnerable, and son has Autism, so is very anxious about it all.
I’m really stressing he will loose his place, he can’t do his chosen subjects anywhere online that I can find either. He worked so so hard through GCSEs, but this strange College experience is really hard for him, and his anxiety means he’s not focusing in class, and exhausted at home. He fought so hard for his place too.
I really don’t know what to do, I hope his College can give him work, but I doubt they have time or resources. being a teacher right now must be so hard. Thanks for all your doing.

PaperMonster Sun 01-Nov-20 19:53:24

Which is fine if your students have the facilities to do that. Most of ours do but there’s still a lot who have no internet access/IT equipment. Plus our Principal wants everyone in no matter what.

Shiningstar84 Sun 01-Nov-20 20:16:42

It's a nightmare.
we have some students refusing to come in at the moment. College policy is currently not to remote teach them as it'll set a bad example and more won't come in. My college are obsessed with acting as normal.
I will teach all classes live if we moved to remote.
My students have already been complaining about being cold in the classroom.

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lovelemoncurd Sun 01-Nov-20 20:30:55

@Shiningstar84 and this is why I left FE and went to work in HE. They stopped us working in the dept in March and I won't be back until next June. In FE I felt disposable when I left in 2016 never mind now!

Nettleskeins Sun 01-Nov-20 20:46:13

My dad is at a college two days a week, two days online. She really benefits a lot from the journey to college, being in RL with other (masked) students. I think you'd be surprised how a lot of learning is to with physically being in a building with other humans who are also learning. It's bonding even if it's inefficient on many levels. I would like to thank you, and say yes, you are doing a positive thing by teaching IN PERSON to college students, even if they grumble and fidget.

Nettleskeins Sun 01-Nov-20 20:49:25

As to the cold, DD prefers sitting with her friends in the park or in outdoor seating to not sitting with them at all, as will be case when lockdown socialising kicks in. Being in a cold classroom will soon be a highlight when they cannot meet in groups of six socially, I can tell you.

Shiningstar84 Sun 01-Nov-20 20:51:00

It's tricky
Some HE providers don't seem to be any better.
@Nettleskeins I do agree and I know students are getting lots out of the experience but in terms of learning and preparing for exams (they have one in January) I don't think it's working well sadly.

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