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People acting like it’s all scrapped until Thursday

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WankPuffins Sun 01-Nov-20 09:55:21


MIL has asked us all round for Sunday lunch today, our family of 5 and SIL family of 5.

SIL has asked if Dd can come for a sleepover after lunch ‘while she can now until next week’.

We are in tier 2. We can’t mix. Even if we were still in tier 1, we’d be over 6 people.

We’ve said no. We’re now getting texts saying it’s fine, lockdown doesn’t start until next week confused

From speaking to them all their friends are doing the same thing. SIL and her kids have after school parties planned for this week, Monday is an inset day and so she’s having an impromptu early birthday party for DN and inviting as many as she can.

Unless I’ve missed something, It’s like people where I am think it’s a free for all now until Thursday.

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frozendaisy Sun 01-Nov-20 11:23:29

We are just doing what is still permitted. Not throwing a gathering but hadn't planned that anyway.

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