How will lockdown change my birth?

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TheMewsMuse1975 Sun 01-Nov-20 09:17:11

Hi I’m new in here and writing this as I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere else.... I’m due in 4 weeks and will be induced at 40 weeks so will have my baby during this latest lockdown. I have other children who need looking after while I’m in hospital. If we cannot join another household, how does this work? I don’t want to get fined for trying to look after my family... but I also want my partner to be with me at the birth. Or do I have to choose one or the other? Any advice please share!

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Asparaguspatchkid Sun 01-Nov-20 12:41:17

Mixing households for childcare reasons was one of the things they said was acceptable, so should be fine.

unmarkedbythat Sun 01-Nov-20 12:43:30

My SIL is due a little later, but our plans remain the same. When she goes into labour I am childcare for her existing dc. There is no way anyone will think it reasonable for a 2 year old to be left uncared for whatever the restrictions are and I don't envisage any issues with it.

elenacampana Sun 01-Nov-20 12:45:37

We’re in a Tier 3 area so there has been no mixing of households for weeks for us anyway. My sister gave birth last week, we had our niece all weekend as there was no other option. My sister needed her husband to be with her and they both needed their child to be cared for so she came to us.

WankPuffins Sun 01-Nov-20 12:47:35

Caring for children is fine. Don’t worry about it smile

TheMewsMuse1975 Mon 02-Nov-20 07:13:59

Thanks everyone!!

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Racoonworld Mon 02-Nov-20 07:48:48

Definitely do what you need to do for the birth. This is hard enough without you having to worry about that. I think informal childcare is allowed anyway so is fine.

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