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The Times reporting 2021 exams to be cancelled

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DormerBay Sun 01-Nov-20 02:17:44

Apparently. The article is behind a pay wall, so don't know the details, but mocks in Jan to be part of final grades? Anyone got a share token? grin

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FancySomeChips Sun 01-Nov-20 02:53:17

Following this with all my fingers and toes crossed.

duffeldaisy Sun 01-Nov-20 02:57:02

It is annoying that, if things that are important are leaked, that they’re leaked to papers with paywalls. I know other places will report it eventually, but these kinds of things should be freely available for people to know. (I’m pretty sure Johnson didn’t mention exams last night, but might have missed it).

Shitfuckoh Sun 01-Nov-20 03:02:24

The guidance for the lockdown actually states exams will go ahead, 3 weeks later than usual but as normal. So no idea, can't see the article due to the paywall either

CraftyGin Sun 01-Nov-20 03:21:18

I can’t see any mention of this on their website.

CraftyGin Sun 01-Nov-20 06:21:30

Had to dig and found this:

HidingUnderMyDuvet Sun 01-Nov-20 06:26:56

Very misleading headline!

CraftyGin Sun 01-Nov-20 08:21:05


Very misleading headline!

Very misleading and not at all helpful.

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