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How many parents with health problems are considering not sending their kids to school??

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Donuts000 Sun 01-Nov-20 02:11:25

How are kids supposed to live with the guilt if they pass the virus onto a parent who then gets really ill or worse??

How are kids in this position supposed to be OK about going to school??

P.S. I don’t want to go into the details of my health on here smile

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NannyMcphee39 Sun 01-Nov-20 05:18:40

Yes it’s difficult, I think sadly that this is a bad experiment and that eventually people will be forced to face the most obvious thing. That schools spread the virus. Then everything will close.

Sadly many people will suffer with their mental health as a result of schools staying open.

TammyTwoSawnson Sun 01-Nov-20 05:33:28

Hey. I got a letter and had to shield the first time. I have a ds in his GCSE year and another ds in year 2.

For younger ds, his school bubble is small - 10 including the staff. So I'm not overly concerned there. His school head is also excellent and has put in so many measures to keep people safe.

Older ds is in a bubble of 200, and I don't have as much faith in his school, since their head insisted it was "safe" for kids to sit shoulder to shoulder in crammed classrooms without a window open. They've also just had an outbreak of covid amongst the teachers. I'm really considering keeping eldest off. But... His GCSEs? I really don't know what to do.

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