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I can't live like this.

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SeverusSnape1 Sat 31-Oct-20 23:00:15

Just as my MH started recovering the last few months by traveling, going to the gym, going to restaurants, cinema etc. ALL of that is now taken away from me. Not only that, but I am now absolutely terrified that a loved one will do something to himself as he was only hanging on by the thread of gyms being open.

I can't go on.

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TasslesandFringes Sat 31-Oct-20 23:02:11

Don’t suffer in silence. Have you got anyone you can talk to in real life OP?

Londoncatshed Sat 31-Oct-20 23:05:29

It is only for 4 weeks this time OP and you can still meet one other person to walk or exercise with. Is that doable for you? Could you contact your GP for help? Please remember the Samaritans are always there to listen too.
This time will pass. There is a future to look forward to.

Toontown Sat 31-Oct-20 23:07:14

You can. It's tough but not impossible. It will get better. flowers

PersonaNonGarter Sat 31-Oct-20 23:07:22

OP, you can go on. You can and you will and it will be a bit crap but it will end. You can do it fine.

VampireVicki Sat 31-Oct-20 23:08:49

I think you should get urgent medical advice and support OP. Don't suffer in silence at home flowers

Belleblush Sat 31-Oct-20 23:10:01

It’s really shit. We cannot sustain this. Just done a week of lockdown (I’m in wales) and have another to go. Hate it

JeanneFrench Sat 31-Oct-20 23:10:03

Contact your gym to ask about live classes via Zoom. And do get some professional help. flowers

LuluJakey1 Sat 31-Oct-20 23:12:00

You can do it. We all can. We have to

Lurkingforawhile Sat 31-Oct-20 23:14:10

I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling, please please call someone and ask for help. The Samaritans are excellent, and will listen. I'm sure you're not the only one feeling like this although I know that doesn't make it better for you.

Whatyoucanandcantdo Sat 31-Oct-20 23:16:25

Please please try and channel the need to exercise into any outdoor activity, we can still do that. Run, cycle, walk, ride a horse, press ups and pull ups on nature trails, anything to keep those endorphins ticking over. Sending much love xxx

Frauhubert Sat 31-Oct-20 23:24:21

Same here

PurpleDaisies Sat 31-Oct-20 23:27:43

I’ve found online gym classes (live ones via zoom) really good. It’s obviously not as good as being there but just for four weeks, it can keep you going.

mrsdiddlydoo Sun 01-Nov-20 01:13:39

@SeverusSnape1 Are you okay?

I don't feel strong enough to do this again. But I will somehow. Even if it's minute by minute. I hope you are okay ❤️ keep posting if it helps x

SeverusSnape1 Sun 01-Nov-20 01:15:39


*@SeverusSnape1* Are you okay?

I don't feel strong enough to do this again. But I will somehow. Even if it's minute by minute. I hope you are okay ❤️ keep posting if it helps x

Thank you. No, not really. Appreciate all the comments in here but the thought of zoom online classes makes me want to kill myself even more!!

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Quaagars Sun 01-Nov-20 01:16:50


Quaagars Sun 01-Nov-20 01:18:25

Just tagged in case had any support could link you to flowers

dollychopss Sun 01-Nov-20 01:23:32

Oh honey I feel the same please talk

jessstan1 Sun 01-Nov-20 02:33:47

I never knew gyms were so important to some people.

thosetalesofunexpected Sun 01-Nov-20 02:34:39

Hi Op l know how you feel you are not on your own !
Here are some support mental health websites given by NHS wales and Welsh Gov

SilverCloud is an online course which offers support for anxiety,depression and much more,all based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Anyone aged 16 or over can sign up at nhswales.silver cloud

Mind Active Monitoring provides guided self help for anxiety depression,self esteem and more.

To get started,talk to your doc or any health professional, or sign up directly at

Activate Your Life
The Activate your life online video course shares practical ways to cope with thoughts and feelings causing distress and help live life with more cofindence
Http:// -life

Young Person's Mental Health Toolkit
The young Persons mental Toolkit links young people aged 11 to 25 to websites,apps,helplines and more to build resilience.
You can access the toolkit at

Call mental Health Listening Line
Provides a confidential mental health listening and emotional support line which is open 24/7 CALL can also signpost to support in local communities and a range of online infor
Call 0800132737 text help to 81066 or visit

Beat eating disorders helpline
BEAT provides helplines and infor for adults and young people offering a supportive environment to talk about eatings and how to get help
CALL 0808 801 0677 or visit

480Widdio Sun 01-Nov-20 02:35:36

I am the same,swimming is the only thing that keeps me going.May as well give up on life.But we will get through this,take it a day at a time,or even an hour at a time.

Think there are way more people despairing this time than than there were last time.

thosetalesofunexpected Sun 01-Nov-20 02:52:20

Hi Op I hope this is can be of some benefit to you and to your loved one too,
Walking in nature I find good for stress,calms me quite a lot.
Also why not look on YouTube internet and on Tv your favorite comedy TV shows/ stand Comedians.
Also listen to good feel good factor music sounds and watch the TV videos or look online on YouTube
Also get into mediation its free you can do this in comfort of my own home and it takes only 10 to 15mins to feel get the benefit,check out internet to find out how to do this.
Also any creative Arts is good for you it will lift your spirits its good fun a welcome escape from crap going on at the mo, don't be afraid to explore this, you do not have to be perfect at this at all !😊
Just have a go don't worry about making a mistake or making a fool of yourself
Rember that old saying Nothing ventured nothing gained
You will surprised how it will help with your cofindence plus its like active mediation when you get into creative Arts and I am not just talking about doing painting art work ,Check out the internet on YouTube etc for this.
Also there is all kinds of courses and workshops online too
Forgert to say there are also some Theatre performances and shows and Art gallery exhibitions to see online its susprising relaxing too
Take care x

EmmaGrundyForPM Sun 01-Nov-20 04:24:36

OP. online fitness classes dont have to be on Zoom (I would hate that too). You or the person you refer to can do online video classes that are pre recorded.

Please do contact a MH support line. Dont think of the 4 weeks ahead, just think of the current day.

Daydreamer89 Sun 01-Nov-20 06:46:01

Get out in nature. Take a friend. A hot flask of tea. Jog. Walk. Chat.

Keep busy still. It's four weeks. You can do it x

Flatwhite32 Sun 01-Nov-20 07:00:31

Getting out in nature isn't as easy at this time of year in terms of it being enjoyable. A walk in the pissing rain doesn't exactly fill me with joy, neither does sitting on a bench in the cold with numb hands eating a sandwich.

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