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DD turn 18 next week

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LivingMyBestLifeNOT Sat 31-Oct-20 22:12:51

So my DD turns 18 next week. Am I not allowed a support bubble now? I also have a 14 and 6 year old so my 18 yr old is my support from what I have read?

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cardibach Sat 31-Oct-20 22:14:42

Unfortunately I thin’ you are correct. It’s difficult for you, but on a population level there’s really not another way to frame the rules.

Movinghouse2015 Sat 31-Oct-20 22:15:38

The criteria was as long as they were 17 on a date in June (cannot remember exact date). It doesn't look like support bubbles have changed. So yes, you can remain in a bubble.

Maiyakat Sat 31-Oct-20 22:16:38

Yes you can:

Who can make a support bubble
If you’re in a single-adult household
You can form a support bubble with another household of any size that is not part of a support bubble with anyone else if you:

live by yourself – even if carers visit you to provide support
are a single parent living with children who were under 18 on 12 June 2020


nex18 Sat 31-Oct-20 22:17:42

You’re eligible if your children were under 18 on the 12th June (on .gov website)

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