New lockdown - can grandparents continue a regular childcare arrangement?

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Annabanana455 Sat 31-Oct-20 20:53:56

Sorry if already been asked. I couldn’t find a thread.
Can grandparents provide childcare? It’s a regular, long-standing arrangement . They stopped during last lockdown and it was awful.

GPs are in good health & not especially vulnerable.

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Redolent Sat 31-Oct-20 20:56:12

Looks like it:

Parents are able to form a childcare bubble with another household for the purposes of informal childcare, where the child is 13 or under.

TicTacTwo Sat 31-Oct-20 21:03:15

Yes they can

Annabanana455 Sat 31-Oct-20 21:13:26

Thank you - please can I ask the source?

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Redolent Sat 31-Oct-20 21:16:18


Thank you - please can I ask the source?


Annabanana455 Sat 31-Oct-20 21:23:05

Thank you

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chickensoup23 Sun 01-Nov-20 17:58:33

Can I just add - is this allowed for both grandparents together or just one at a time?

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