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NICU babies

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Nicucrackers Sat 31-Oct-20 20:35:25

Does anyone know if you can be kept from your baby on NICU if you have NO symptoms? I'm really heavily pregnant, baby due any day now and will definitely need admission to NICU after delivery.

I'm freaking out that the new lockdown will mean my hospital my restrict how and when I can be with my NICU baby. There's already a 3 hour limit on dads and siblings are not allowed at all :-(

I'm planning on exclusively breastfeeding. Can they refuse me entry to feed? :-(

God I feel sad, I know it may not even happen but I am fearing the worst :-(

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Layladylay234 Sat 31-Oct-20 20:39:06

You have my sympathies,I was pregnant in the spring,had my baby in May and from April until I had her,everyone RCOG or RCM published guidance,my heart leapt into my throat. I do know that the guidance in the UK all along has been to keep mum and babies together,even if the mum tests positive. I'd advise you to get on twitter and follow RCOG,RCM and Birthrights so you know what rights you have. Good luck x

Namechange2715 Sat 31-Oct-20 20:46:41

Hi, NICU nurse here! Every unit/hospital has their own policy but generally speaking the policy for most units is unlimited visiting for mothers as long as your swabs are negative. At our hospital it is unlimited access for Mum and Dad but not all units have this. Most units are restricted on grandparents/siblings/other visitors coming in but unless you test positive you will not be kept away from your baby unnecessarily. Even during high lockdown during March we allowed unlimited mum and dad visiting if they were asymptomatic. Everyone has a temperature and symptoms check every day and obviously wear a surgical mask whilst on the hospital grounds. Best thing to do is speak to delivery suite and the neonatal unit to find out what their policy is. Most units have had time to adapt to the changes since March and have a pretty good structure in place now to keep the babies safe but ensure Mothers get the access the rightly need for their bonding and mental health smile

greenemerald Sat 31-Oct-20 20:49:08

Had my baby during the first lockdown and he was in NICU. Wasn't kept from him at all. As soon as I was feeling a bit better after a few hours (emergency section) I made my way over to him. I imagine with a more straight forward birth it would have been much sooner. Nurses encouraged it. Husband went to see him right after he was taken there actually. The crappy bit was him leaving me after a few hours and then us never being able to see baby in the NICU together.

I'd be really suprised if they didn't let you see your baby with no symptoms. That would be so difficult for mothers. I guess best see what they reveal in terms of guidance in the next few weeks!

Robs20 Sat 31-Oct-20 20:53:35

Same as above, I had my twins during last lockdown and T1 was in nicu. Either me or DH was allowed in whenever during the day. It was a bit silly really as we would literally swap at the door. I am sure you will be allowed in and will be encouraged to be there to feed.

Nicucrackers Sat 31-Oct-20 21:09:43

Ok, thank you so much. Like every parent I suppose I never imagined having a NICU baby, it's such an overwhelming feeling and covid makes it about a million times worse due to all the uncertainty!

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