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2 year old with a cough...

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Hmmmmminteresting Sat 31-Oct-20 15:16:42

My 2 yo has a very stuffy nose and has not stopped coughing all day. No temperature.
I know the guidelines are that a new continuous cough means he should be tested however I know that the likelihood is he wont get the results for a few days.
Dh lost his job at the end of the first lockdown and is finally due to start his new one on Monday.
He is absolutely terrified of having to miss his first day or 2 because we are isolating waiting on results for what is almost certainly a cold.
Wwyd? Wait and see if it gets better? Medicine?
We are stressing sad

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Lilybet1980 Sat 31-Oct-20 15:18:08

Does your DC go to nursery?

Hmmmmminteresting Sat 31-Oct-20 15:19:03

He does yes. 4 days a week

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WishUponAStar88 Sat 31-Oct-20 15:20:42

Sorry you have to get him tested. Lots of tests seem to be coming back in 24-48 hours so hopefully you’ll have it back soon.

Lilybet1980 Sat 31-Oct-20 15:20:47

Then unfortunately I think you have no choice but to get them tested. Nursery may well send them home anyway.

whoareyouIwonder Sat 31-Oct-20 15:22:09

OP, have you considered working for the NHS? Or the government? Given that you have an ability to distinguish so easily between a cold and the virus.

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