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Will builders still be able to work?

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guitarstringseadgbe Sat 31-Oct-20 09:37:33

I’m so worried

If my husbands business is written off as ‘non-essential’ then we are literally fucked. If building suppliers decide to close, we are also fucked as we won’t be able to get supplies.

It’s essential to us, to our children and to keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table 😓

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onedayinthefuture Sat 31-Oct-20 09:40:03

They were able to do so last time, it's just everyone went into panic mode so those that didn't have the luxury of working from home were screwed.

MillieEpple Sat 31-Oct-20 09:40:27

flowers I hope they can carry on working. Lots of industries put a lot of effort into being 'covid safe' and arent driving infections.

Sleepforever Sat 31-Oct-20 09:41:27

They are allowed to work under the current Welsh lockdown, so hopefully they will be in an English lockdown.

Wilkolampshade Sat 31-Oct-20 09:44:21

In a similar position @guitarstringseadgbe. Hopefully, ( fingers crossed) suppliers will have strategies (click and collect etc) sorted straightaway and people generally will have a better understanding of ways in which planned work can continue.....

Nextity Sat 31-Oct-20 09:52:32

Ours didn’t stop the first time round. They saw what was coming and stockpiled 8 weeks of supply(while Europe was locking down) before the suppliers shut down. We supported them to do this a bit (paying upfront). They were careful with suppliers and planning ahead. They have done amazingly well at keeping everything moving despite a difficult year.

Obviously depends what type of building though - big commercial and small residential are very different.

3littlewords Sat 31-Oct-20 09:56:11

@guitarstringseadgbe I'm in the same position my DH self employed tradesmen in people's homes (painter & decorator) we've only just got back on our feet from the last lockdown, he's got jobs booked in right up until Xmas if he is unable to do these then xmas is literally cancelled for us and no 20/30% seiss grant is going to change that. Very worrying times.sad

Racoonworld Sat 31-Oct-20 09:59:19

They were allowed to last time, so would assume the same this time. Loads of people just decided not to last time!

sashagabadon Sat 31-Oct-20 10:02:05

Even in first lockdown builders could work. Many didn’t at first but then went back in April/ May. It was always only work from home (if you can)

pollylocketpickedapocket Sat 31-Oct-20 10:08:15

I hope so! I’m a cleaner(non essential worker in the home) last time my customers still paid, can’t see them doing that this time but also we’re in tier 3 and nobody has cancelled yet. Think people are a bit sick of it all now, I’ll be carrying on working as long as I’m wanted.

Heyahun Sat 31-Oct-20 10:27:59

How can anyone possibly answer this? You have to wait until the new guidelines come out surely 🙄

Jrobhatch29 Sat 31-Oct-20 10:29:29

They were allowed to last time, as was manufacturing. Alot closed anyway including my DPs work which is a car factory. I'm praying they remain open this time. Fingers crossed for you. I understand the worry

Whatwouldscullydo Sat 31-Oct-20 10:30:14

I hope so. I mean UC took weeks to kick in and it could potentially be over before we get any thing hmm

I have no idea what the package from my part time job will be. Lucked out last time they paid 100 percent and averaged out the overtime from.previous yr, but not expecting that again. No way will it cover rent

AnnaMagnani Sat 31-Oct-20 10:31:36

My builder worked through lockdown.

Plus I work away during the week and in my hotel there was me - healthcare - and everyone else - builders. We've been the only people in the hotel all through lockdown and beyond.

IceCreamAndCandyfloss Sat 31-Oct-20 10:31:58

No one knows until the announcement. If it’s allowed and people are willing to risk having them in their homes then yes they can work.

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