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Online shopping slots not loading

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SistemaAddict Sat 31-Oct-20 08:57:50

I've just tried to open the Waitrose delivery slots to see if I could change my slot and it won't even load. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm thinking with talk of lockdown that everyone is booking their slots ASAP. It could of course just be an app blip. Thankfully I have priority due to being ECV and have a couple of deliveries booked along with my Christmas slot but it's worrying for others who might struggle. I don't drive so rely on online delivery as do many I'm sure.

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SistemaAddict Sat 31-Oct-20 13:23:32

I've updated the app and tried several times but it still won't load. I hope people aren't back to panic shopping.

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RedRiverShore Sat 31-Oct-20 13:30:15

The website is loading the delivery dates ok but it could be dependant on where your shopping comes from, ours is a very large Waitrose and usually has loads of slots.

Michaelbaubles Sat 31-Oct-20 13:33:07

I doubt it’s “panic shopping” as much a very prudent decision to get slots booked in ASAP. Since the summer I’ve had four weeks of Tesco slots booked in advance as a matter of course - I do usually have regular online shops but sometimes might have switched it up with a Lidl trip, but I’ve thought it seemed sensible to have them locked in just in case demand rose again. There has always been lots of choice and I’ve always got one on the day I wanted, so not grabbing slots from vulnerable people or anything.

Lipz Sat 31-Oct-20 13:34:29

You'll probably find everyone is trying to go on at the same time. It happened here in Ireland 2 weeks ago when we started lock down, every person tried going online at the same time. It was sorted within a few hours, I found clearing cache and reloading page helped.

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