Anyone up? Worried about DS.

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ShowOfHands Sat 31-Oct-20 05:16:06

DS had a positive test a week ago. His main symptom was a very high temperature. He bounced back and for 6 days he has been fine if a little more tired than usual but nothing of note.

On Thursday night, exactly a week after the fever, he complained of a sore throat and yesterday it bothered him more and more and I could see it was swollen and had red spots. Overnight, he's got hotter and hotter and now has a clear fever, says his throat is incredibly painful and his breathing is shallower and a little faster. He can't open his mouth wide enough for me to see his throat properly but the tiny amount of the top of his mouth I can see is still very red and spotty.

I've been googling and know that a week in is often when it gets worse if it's going to. I don't know if this is to be expected and we are fine to watch and wait. I don't know if it's a secondary infection. I just don't know what to think or do.

So I'm watching him and posting here while I keep an eye on his symptoms. He's 9 and otherwise in good health.

I'm just not sure what to do.

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Bluewavescrashing Sat 31-Oct-20 05:19:38

Phone 111. flowers

cultkid Sat 31-Oct-20 05:20:41

Give him ibuprofen and paracetamol

If he is so sore that he can't open his mouth try to get on top of his pain so that you can have someone look in it

It's possible he has a throat infection that will need anti biotic

Also call 111 and get a GP appt or review on the phone maybe they will send out anti biotechs to the pharmacy

Also he may need better pain relief but idk about children's doses of anything other then the top two I've mentioned

So give him both of those and ring 111
Have you got an oxygen monitor for the finger?

Bluewavescrashing Sat 31-Oct-20 05:21:33

Ice lolly will sooth his throat and keep fluids up.

Bluewavescrashing Sat 31-Oct-20 05:21:59

Or squash through a straw.

ShowOfHands Sat 31-Oct-20 05:27:19

He's drinking fine and was eating yesterday though not as much as usual and he complained vociferously that it hurt.

I don't have an oxygen monitor or ice lollies. He's fast asleep right now.

It's just so peculiar the way he's been fine for days and has suddenly become ill again.

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frozendaisy Sat 31-Oct-20 05:29:15

It's possible his tonsils have sprung into action as part of his immune defence system.

Antibiotics (penicillin based) reduces tonsillitis infections.

I would call 111, if he wasn't Covid positive I would say take to a walk-in centre but assume that won't be allowed. But I don't know. Ask 111.


NeurotrashWarrior Sat 31-Oct-20 05:30:27

Did you notice his tongue? Might be a separate infection eg scarlet fever.

I'd call 111

BillyAndTheSillies Sat 31-Oct-20 05:33:58

I'd call 111 and give paracetamol for pain. I think the guidance is to not give ibuprofen if someone has COVID?

Wishing him better and a hand hold for you.

I never got tested when I was extremely poorly with what we think was COVID in March but being so poorly for so long bought on all kinds of infections from ears to tonsillitis. Possibly the worst ear infection I'd ever had. The doctor put the prescription for antibiotics in and hand delivered them for me because we were all self isolating.

ShowOfHands Sat 31-Oct-20 05:35:45

His tongue looked normal.

Whatever it is can only have developed from the coronavirus. We have been isolating with him for 9 days and before that, bar a couple of days back at school, he was isolating for 14 days because his sister had it.

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sashh Sat 31-Oct-20 05:36:50


ANother vote for tonsillitis or scarlet fever. Either could be linked to covid or just opportunistic.

When you can get some ice cream / ice lollies or even ice cubes can help get fluids in and sooth his throat.

agertha Sat 31-Oct-20 05:38:40

Sorry I don't have any advice other than what's already been posted, just wanted to say I am hoping your DS is better soon. Prayers. xx

SD1978 Sat 31-Oct-20 05:40:06

Tonsillitis, isn't a symptom of COVID- sounds like as he's run down, he's gotten a secondary infection. As others have sai ring 111 and try to organise an appt

Inkpaperstars Sat 31-Oct-20 05:43:02

Not sure about giving ibuprofen, they were saying at one point that could worsen covid related symptoms. I would check with a medic first on that. Call 111 as others have suggested and I hope he feels better soon.

LemonDrizzles Sat 31-Oct-20 05:46:31

You can call 111 and they will ask you for his symptoms - could be something else. They might also be able to recommend how you can comfort your 9 year old. It's hard to watch your child suffer.

IncidentsandAccidents Sat 31-Oct-20 05:50:12

I hope you get good advice from 111 and he's feeling better soon flowers

FippertyGibbett Sat 31-Oct-20 05:56:31

Definitely 111 for advice.
Sounds like tonsillitis, there seems to have been a lot of it about. I had it in lockdown and heard of a few others too, makes you wonder if there’s a link somewhere.
Warm black currant squash always goes down well in our house with sore throats, and ice lollies.
Let us know what they say.

Outnumberedwoman Sat 31-Oct-20 05:56:38

I also think tonsils. Both of my sons suffer terribly. Could be his immune response but best to get it checked out. I hope he sleeps well and that the paracetamol and ibuprofen make him more comfortable.

NeurotrashWarrior Sat 31-Oct-20 05:57:01


Not sure about giving ibuprofen, they were saying at one point that could worsen covid related symptoms. I would check with a medic first on that. Call 111 as others have suggested and I hope he feels better soon.

I remember they said it was ok later on but perhaps double check with 111.

Hope he's better soon op thanks

ShowOfHands Sat 31-Oct-20 06:00:36

I wouldn't give both paracetamol and ibuprofen anyway so will stick with just paracetamol for now.

I'll let you know how he gets on.

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Mummyoflittledragon Sat 31-Oct-20 06:01:29

Also sounds like tonsillitis. Antibiotics will hopefully sort your ds out. flowers

SofiaAmes Sat 31-Oct-20 06:02:31

Ibuprofen does not worsen covid. It was a silly fabrication with no science behind thought up by the French. It will definitely help with the inflammation.

sotallsotall Sat 31-Oct-20 06:04:39

Why wouldn't you give both paracetamol and ibuprofen? They're perfectly fine to take together.

SofiaAmes Sat 31-Oct-20 06:05:36

Here's an article about covid and ibuprofen saying that it's perfectly safe.

ShowOfHands Sat 31-Oct-20 06:10:24

I don't have any ibuprofen!

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