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Mask compliance and where you difference or something else?

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Retrore Sat 31-Oct-20 04:42:47

I shop at five main shops, depending on my mood/what I’m buying/how far I can be bothered to drive. For months now I have noticed that I am yet to see someone without a mask in Waitrose, then from there it seems to get less compliant > Sainsbury’s > Tesco > co op > Morrison’s > Asda.

Has anyone else noticed this? It’s the same with social distancing and not just because Waitrose tends to be quieter than Asda...i shop late in the evening sometimes as well as in the peak times and it’s the same...absolutely fuck all social distancing in Asda and then near perfect in Waitrose.

Why do you think this is? Does it say something deeper about social background and compliance perhaps? Just an interesting thought and not one meant to cause any conflict before I am attacked on that front...I like all these shops and often go to Asda!

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Vivana Sat 31-Oct-20 05:36:14

I use to work for Asda they don't care about colleague or customer safety at all. It's a free for all and no one bat's a eyelid in there. Managers only care about money. The store I worked for removed all the social distancing signs a few days before it was announced by the government. We didn't even have proper screens in department I worked as these were makeshift bits from around the store even tho was direct contact with the customer.

Retrore Sat 31-Oct-20 05:37:45

Yes I’ve noticed that, lack of screens and staff totally oblivious (it seems) to any distancing let alone face mask wearing!

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Vivana Sat 31-Oct-20 05:44:57

There are suppose to be covid Marshall at Asda to but the one I saw was out the back sorting a delivery out. The general store manager was more concerned about being over budget on staff wages more than making sure the store was actually safe. So in theory less staff takes longer to put products out into the shelf and means more cages in the aisles making it so customers and staff have to squeeze by in narrow aisles. Really don't make sense.

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