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New lockdown impact on you

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Todayisgood2 Sat 31-Oct-20 00:05:52

So as a new lockdown looms what does this mean to you? I think schools will largely stay open so honestly doesn't make much difference to me- even if schools 'close' like last time I'll be in work (teacher) and so my dc will have to go unless we really decide it's too dangerous. Dh works from home now.

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MoirasRoses Sat 31-Oct-20 00:08:38

Not much really if nursery’s stay open. We WFH. Will miss seeing my parents & friends but can suck it up for a month. But we are due to move house in two weeks.. it’s been a long & stressful process. Think I might have a breakdown if it gets cancelled.

Todayisgood2 Sat 31-Oct-20 00:11:16

@MoirasRoses house moves are bad enough in normal times, never mind with all this going on! I hope you get to move!

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StormBaby Sat 31-Oct-20 00:13:07

My company were absolutely amazing last time, announced they were paying 100% of wages before furlough was even announced, but I fear they may not be this time. The Welsh staff have been given the option of holiday, unpaid or go to work over the border for the circuit break.

FedUpOfAllThis Sat 31-Oct-20 00:17:17

No idea. I will probably wfh again but my dh narrowing avoided redundancy in May. His company picked up steadily from July but who knows what will happen this time. We are due to move house in just over 4 weeks and still have things to buy some essential some not essential but our carpets aren’t being fitted until the 15th of November so I’m worried that carpet shops may be classed as non essential and we’ll be left with bare floors.

Flaxmeadow Sat 31-Oct-20 00:21:24

None. Millions of us are already in tier 3

WhiteChocTwix Sat 31-Oct-20 00:24:12

Not much will really change for us. DH been WFH since March. I'm back at work now, been doing training in the office, but am set up to WFH so expect office will shut and I'll be full time WFH too. Very worried for close family working in non essential retailsad DM is on her own and very lonely. Hope we can still bubble with her, another lockdown will be dangerous for her MH otherwise 😥

PineappleUpsideDownCake Sat 31-Oct-20 00:25:36

Even more lost work.

EasterIssland Sat 31-Oct-20 00:25:49

If nurseries continue being opened : not seeing indoors for long in laws. They live nearby so If they walk past then we’d see them for 5 mins or so for a chat. Not being able to do my yoga class on Tuesdays.

If they’re closed : needing to work 630-230pm so my husband can work in the evenings. We just paid the fees so would be unfair to pay a whole month with no nurseries as most of the staff is being furloughed. Taking care of my son right now on the evenings would mean not being able to do over time hours as we’ve been requested by the project managers because we must deliver the project on the 15th (covid related). Also I’d need to stop doing yoga during the lunch break.

So I hope they are opened because even if I love spending time with my son in the previous lockdown I would feel bad about leaving my project down in such an important time

GirlCrush Sat 31-Oct-20 00:27:56

Not really a lockdown is it if schools are all open......

What exactly will be closed making it a lockdown?

BunsyGirl Sat 31-Oct-20 00:30:32

DS1 has his 11 plus exam on 9 November. No idea what is going to happen re that.

SpongeCake23 Sat 31-Oct-20 00:31:39

Does anyone know if bubbles will still be allowed?

Newbeginningsnow Sat 31-Oct-20 00:32:01

I’ve been asking myself this too @GirlCrush. When you think back to the end of March when none of us were even allowed to go out of our homes for anything other than an hour a day of exercise or medical things to me that was a lockdown. Some people didn’t even think that was strict enough.

Here in Scotland the only difference would be restaurants would close again I think.

EasterIssland Sat 31-Oct-20 00:32:33


Not really a lockdown is it if schools are all open......

What exactly will be closed making it a lockdown?

Don’t think this is the thread to discuss whether schools should or shouldn’t close. There are many others for that ... but the impact a new lockdown would have on you.

lljkk Sat 31-Oct-20 00:34:07

Depends if Uni/FE/other training close.
I can barely any do WFH if adult DC have to come back here. No space to set up equipment properly when they are here. So mega-headache would beckon.

I'd miss swimming, too.

Pipandmum Sat 31-Oct-20 00:36:48

Depends if they close non food shops - will they do another furlough scheme? My son will be out of a job. And gyms - that's his major release. But for me no, unless it prevents a sale of one of my properties going through (scheduled to complete early December).

Diversion Sat 31-Oct-20 00:54:44

I have worked throughout, it has been incredibly stressful but at least I still had a wage coming in. DH was furloughed for 9 weeks and kept busy doing lots of stuff at home. We are lucky that we are mortgage free, but I worried and still worry for our grown up children, one who has their own business and our grandchildren. More than anything I worry about all of their abilities to manage financially as our financial support would be limited.

Bargebill19 Sat 31-Oct-20 00:55:46

More work - infection control cleaner and supermarket hgv driver. So even longer hours.

JustanotherTuesday Sat 31-Oct-20 00:57:44

My Mum's funeral is in ten days and I'm wondering if that will be affected, especially if the limit is five people like it was before. I would most likely have to attend on my own.

Dixiee Sat 31-Oct-20 00:59:35

Last lockdown I lost my business, this lockdown means my DH will lose his business. We might celebrate christmas in a homeless shelter this year, f Christmas, f the gov. Thanks great job!

Bargebill19 Sat 31-Oct-20 01:01:31

Sorry to hear that. Fingers are crossed that you can have at least someone with you. 💐

JustanotherTuesday Sat 31-Oct-20 01:03:16

Thank you, I hope so too.

Legooo Sat 31-Oct-20 01:04:29

Judging by what most are saying in the school long as the schools remain open, not many will be bothering with any of the other restrictions.

The police going to arrest us for having a coffee after dropping dcs friends back home from school, where they just spent all day together?

They can’t possibly police it, and most parents seem to be of the opinion that if they are going to get it, it will be from school, so why bother with anything else?

RoseMartha Sat 31-Oct-20 01:05:52

Not much different from now . Have not been meeting with anyone much outside my bubble. Will stop my occasional cafe visits, and outings for the kids.

I imagine it will be like the first one. Exception being I am in a flat with my dc now and not a house. Elderly parents still need me to pop in and shopping done. My sn kids still need me looking after them and I will be continuing wfh. Ex h might kick off more frequently, but thats at least a weekly occurrence anyway.

Sb2012 Sat 31-Oct-20 01:07:58

Makes no difference to me either. Already in tier 3. Schools not closing so nothing changing for us really. Just frustrated that a lot of cases in my area are happening in schools or as a result of schools opening so really if we want to decrease cases in places like this we need to close schools first.

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