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Can we "meet" on the street in tier 3?

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Earlgrey666 Fri 30-Oct-20 21:25:44

yes it's fine, we are doing the same (tier 3 area)

LilyPond2 Fri 30-Oct-20 18:20:49

Yes, you are allowed to meet in a "public outdoor place", defined as an outdoor place to which the public have, or are permitted, access (whether on payment or otherwise). Rule of six applies.

shockedballoon Fri 30-Oct-20 18:06:56

Child gutted about trick or treating, I mean it's small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, however was planning on replacing it with a bit of walking the streets randomly chucking sweets at him whilst dressed up and pumpkin spotting.
Thing is we planned to do this with some of his friends from school. There will be 2 families, 5 or 6 ppl in total (inc children obvs). Is that still ok? Guidelines not super clear...

"You must also not meet with people outside of your household or support bubble in a private garden or in most outdoor public venues - except for parks, beaches, countryside, forests, public gardens and outdoor sports facilities."

I mean, its not a public venue, as such, it's just the street...? I feel fine about it safety wise (am not taking c19 lightly by any means) as its outside and we'll be on the move and distancing etc, but I'm bit wobbly about legality. What'd'you reckon?

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