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If you took your DC out of school before lockdown in March....

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THATbasicWITCH Fri 30-Oct-20 12:55:07

So i know a fair few people took their dc out of school before schools were told to close

What triggered you to do this?

Would you do it again?


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MummyPop00 Fri 30-Oct-20 12:59:10

Took mine out 1 week before lockdown.

No, I wouldn’t do it again because we caught Covid just two weeks later anyway!

Bmidreams Fri 30-Oct-20 12:59:39

I did it 3 or 4 days befite schools officially shut. The decision was triggered by Boris' speech. The reason was pure fear. I don't think I would do this again. I want them to remain in school for as long as possible.

herecomesthsun Fri 30-Oct-20 13:04:14

I think if hospitals appear to be overwhelmed, then I wouldn't want my children in school. (I imagine schools would be shut by that point?)

Xiaoxiong Fri 30-Oct-20 13:04:48

I took mine out the week beforehand because we were all sick (I hope it was covid...but who knows). By the time the children were better, I got sick, and then it was clear which way the wind was blowing re: schools shutting so I didn't send them back for just the last few days as we were remote learning by then.

The people I know who took their kids out early were frightened and locking down on a personal level. We also closed our office in central London a week early. Our partners felt it was too risky to expect staff to commute to work when we could all easily work from home.

girlsyearapart Fri 30-Oct-20 13:06:02

Took them out a week early due to unclear messages about my health condition

Kidneybingo Fri 30-Oct-20 13:07:55

Yes. We were isolating.

Porcupineinwaiting Fri 30-Oct-20 13:09:44

Yes and yes. When the figures look like they're getting to the same point (mwasured using the death rates).

HairyToity Fri 30-Oct-20 13:10:48

I took my primary school children out. I didn't like that they were not testing, and so many unknowns. My DH is vulnerable.

It was sunny then. I live in Wales and have found this half-term tough. I won't be taking my DC out again. We have decided to a certain extent for our mental health, we have to keep doing certain activities, and take our chances.

Sirzy Fri 30-Oct-20 13:13:04

I took DS out of school at the start of the week when schools where closed. He has severe chest problems and ended up on the shielding list.

I am comfy with my decision

Mokusspokus Fri 30-Oct-20 13:16:31

I have took mine out about 10 days before lock down.
I didn't feel safe or that messages were being communicated properly.
I felt the UK was a rabbit frozen in headlights with very slow, poor information models telling us as Italy and Spain went into meltdown that it was OK to meet in large, cheek by jowl crowds, because it was outside. No mention of crowds, loos, bars, food... Pinch points etc.

I still do not trust them one whit.

Jenny harries said pupils and teaches are low risk because they sit facing forward and teachers are 2 meters away.
We were told that school is safe and now all around cases are snowballing, year groups sent home, sometimes only a few dc sent 🏡, schools surpressing data, nothing is clear anymore

I'm not sure what to do going forward. I think as one dd entire class has been supposedly self isolating before half term, she maybe OK at primary.
Older dd who knows. I'll just keep an eye after half term and if things ramp up I may have to rethink my options.

napody Fri 30-Oct-20 13:16:42

I did (only 30ish kids in my children's school anyway). And don't know if I would again- it looks unlikely. You have to decide based on the info you have at the time. In March the only info we had were the horrors of Northern Italy. I dont think it's anything to be blase about, and would review if the deaths shoot up again. Not out of personal fear but, as in march, out of social responsibility.

phlebasconsidered Fri 30-Oct-20 13:17:51

I took mine out 3 days beforehand and I was also sent home as vulnerable teacher. I would do so again but this time apparently the school is magically safe and vulnerable teachers are still expected in - presumably the magic walls of school protect us. I know how unsafe schools are though, so if cases continue to rise in my area the way they are I may keep my ds home even.though I still have to go in as he is also vulnerable. In Scotland vulnerable children are already being advised to homeschool.

BornOnThe4thJuly Fri 30-Oct-20 13:19:23

I took mine out a few days before schools closed. He really struggled during lockdown though, so I won’t do it again. He needs the routine and the constant stimulation.

Bollockingfuck Fri 30-Oct-20 13:27:13

Took mine out 2 weeks before lockdown and haven’t sent them back yet. We make our decisions based on our personal circumstances and preferences rather than on what the Government says.

Idroppedthescrewinthetuna Fri 30-Oct-20 13:27:43


I think if hospitals appear to be overwhelmed, then I wouldn't want my children in school. (I imagine schools would be shut by that point?)

I genuinely believe schools will not close again.

I pulled my kids out. 4 days later they were all ill (dry persistent cough) DP who is extremely vulnerable was okish. I doubt it was Covid. But many believe we had it.
I have thought about pulling them again. I am not sure why I haven't, possibly because I do not want to be fined, but also because I feel schools won't close and I can't see an end to Covid, so how long will I be pulling them out for? How long will they be away from their friends? I can teach them at home, they thrived throughout lockdown. However socially and mentally they will struggle.

BoringBettie Fri 30-Oct-20 13:28:51

I took mine out a week before lockdown, my DD is SEN and her TA had to start shielding as she was in the high risk group. Lots of other parents had taken their DC out of school too. I don’t regret it, and I would probably do it again. it would be very hard on us as a family if she got ill and/or we got ill - she already requires a lot of extra support.

superhauntedvagina Fri 30-Oct-20 13:30:00

Took DS out a few days before the schools officially shut. I was scared.

Would I do it again? It would depend on a lot of factors but if homeschooling was in place, he could retain his place at the school and his attendance record wouldn't be affected then yes, I'd have him home again.

Oaktree55 Fri 30-Oct-20 13:33:02

Took mine out a week before lockdown. I’d been following data and felt it was the right time. I’ve also not sent mine back (yet). We’re still Tier 1 but I wanted more data/understanding of virus. If more appropriate measures are brought in like (proper ventilation ie windows fully open and masks in class) I’ll revisit. If we moved into T3 or higher (there will be a T4 or lockdown) then I’d 100% homeschool again.

movingonup20 Fri 30-Oct-20 13:33:47

I fetched my dd from university the day after Boris told the over 70's to shield. I didn't want her stuck 200 miles away - in other European countries there were already military on the streets enforcing strict lockdowns.

I would not worry now because she's in a house with friends this year and are already tentatively planning Christmas if they are stuck there.

BreatheAndFocus Fri 30-Oct-20 13:35:27

I took mine out a week before because I felt a lockdown was imminent. Also, there was a case in school (poss more than one case) and the info from school was wholly inadequate and they used no common sense whatsoever.

I’ll do the same again if cases rise too much locally.

Oaktree55 Fri 30-Oct-20 13:35:50

This is interesting (scroll to school)

Oaktree55 Fri 30-Oct-20 13:38:18

A local school here (unfortunately not ours) has got kids attending in coats hats etc as windows wide open. I’d feel confident with that environment but unfortunately it’s not our school. I wish Schools were inspected re ventilation it makes such a difference. Unfortunately many parents (and some staff it seems) moan about the cold 🙄

Jrobhatch29 Fri 30-Oct-20 13:40:08

I'm a teacher and was sent home a few weeks before lockdown because I was in third trimester. My kids ended up being off with coughs the two weeks before schools closed anyway (maybe covid?).
I wont be removing them from school.

Babz88 Fri 30-Oct-20 13:41:29

I pulled my youngest out about 3 days before lockdown as my eldest two boys schools closed early due to not having enough staff and I’d Been told not to attend my teaching placement. I am extremely clinically vulnerable so started shielding from that point. I’m now working in a school and caught Covid off another member of staff, the virus has ripped through our school infant school and 5 out of 9 classes are self isolating over half term after a number of staff and pupils have tested positive. Whatever measures are in place schools are not Covid secure

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