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Relationships during Covid

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daydreamer45 Fri 30-Oct-20 11:36:13

Hi all, I know the rules BUT what are people doing about relationships between people who don't live together during this time. I'm specifically asking about teens (but quite serious, long term). We are in Tier 2 so technically all they can do is walk around outside at a 2m distance, no sitting in cafe's or cinema as different households, no going to each other's houses etc. They aren't seeing any other friends, they wear masks at school, no elderly relatives to consider (as we're not seeing them either) Is it really fair for them not to be able to see each other at home for a few hours per week?

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Firefliess Fri 30-Oct-20 11:49:05

We're tier 1 but probably about to enter tier 2 soon. I think we've agreed that DD (17) will still be allowed to see her BF including staying over even though we're aware that's not actually allowed if we move to tier 2. They're technically not required to socially distance if in an established relationship, but not allowed indoors in tier 2. That is clearly not thought through (sex in the garden?). We've already brought in house rules that the BF stays in DD's room or the garden if he visits, only uses her ensuite bathroom, and stays away from us so the direct risk is only really to her. I think that all things considered that's as far as I'm willing to go in policing a nearly adult child whose BF is a really important relationship to her. I'll be strict with her about not seeing other friends indoors, but to ban the BF for unknown lengths of time is a step too far imo.

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